Upcoming Releases

Release Date Artist Album Title Label
8.30.2024 Oceanator Everything is Love and Death Polyvinyl Record Co.
7.19.2024 Oneida Expensive Air Joyful Noise Recordings
7.12.2024 Tanner Porter One Was Gleaming
6.28.2024 Danny Paul Grody Duo Arc of Night Three Lobed
6.28.2024 Found Space Closer Spirit Goth Records
6.28.2024 the Folk Implosion Walk Thru Me Joyful Noise
6.21.2024 MENAHAN STREET BAND Tropical Man Diamond West
6.14.2024 The Dead Tongues Body of Light / I Am A Cloud Psychic Hotline

Recent Releases

Release Date Artist Album Title Label
6.7.2024 Leisure Hour The Sunny Side Refresh Records
6.7.2024 Maggie Gently Wherever You Want to Go Slang Church
6.7.2024 Pedro the Lion Santa Cruz Polyvinyl
5.31.2024 Noelle and the Deserters High Desert Daydream Speakeasy Studios SF
5.17.2024 The Macks The Macks Are A Knife DevilDuck Records
5.17.2024 Untight Fair
5.3.2024 JON MCKIEL Hex You've Changed Records
4.26.2024 Personal Trainer
4.26.2024 Tara Jane O'Neil The Cool Cloud of Okayness Orindal
4.19.2024 INFINITE RIVER Tabula Rasa Birdman Records
4.12.2024 SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN Nimbus Three Lobed Recordings
4.5.2024 Bruno Berle No Reino dos Afetos 2 Psychic Hotline