Upcoming Releases

Release Date Artist Album Title Label
2.9.2024 ITASCA Imitation of War Paradise of Bachelors
2.9.2024 WALLS HAVE EARS Walls Have Ears goofin'
1.19.2024 Swimming Bell Charlie Permanent Records

Recent Releases

Release Date Artist Album Title Label
11.17.2023 DANIEL BACHMAN When the Roses Come Again Three Lobed
11.17.2023 SPENCER ZAHN Statues I & II Cascine
11.10.2023 David Bird Wire Hums Oxtail Records
11.3.2023 AVA MIRZADEGAN Dark Dark Blue Team Love
11.3.2023 Endearments It Can Be Like This
10.27.2023 Doug Bielmeier Music for Billionaires New Focus Recordings
10.13.2023 Anna Hillburg Tired Girls Speakeasy Studios SF
10.13.2023 Faith Healer The Hand That Fits The Glove Mint Records
10.13.2023 MEAT JOY Meat Joy
10.13.2023 MØAA Jaywalker WWNBB
10.6.2023 Nathan Davis Neutral Buoyant Infrequent Seams
9.29.2023 SETTING Shone a Rainbow Light On Paradise of Bachelors