I cannot say enough good things about Nathan. Not only is he a stand-up guy, but he’s an excellent publicist. In 2015, we worked on two somewhat untraditional releases. One was an EP, and one was a record that had been self-released nearly two years earlier. I knew Nathan was a great publicist, and the music was amazing, but I also knew getting good editorial coverage on these records would be difficult. I can honestly say that Nathan completely crushed both releases. Not only did he exceed my high, but realistic expectations, he completely blew past them. I cannot say enough good things about the work Nathan does. He is certainly on my very short list of publicists I call first.
Grant McCallum, Barsuk Records

Nathan Walker is an ideal partner in the constantly changing and tumultuous world of independent music. As a label looking for public relations assistance you can end up with folks who are simply going to blast writers and not put in a title-specific effort versus someone who is really going to understand both the label and the album(s) in question and going to really have honest conversations with the members of the press who makes the most sense for that title. That difference, really and truly digging into the music in question, sets Nathan apart from his peers. He is straight up, transparent, and a great communicator. If you are looking to work with PR for the first time or make the switch from somewhere else, give him a call as I think you’ll be pleased.
Cory Rayborn, Three Lobed

I can’t recommend Nathan and Riot Act enough – we’ve worked together in various forms for a couple of years on a whole bunch of releases and it’s always been a pleasure. Showing both an extreme understanding of his work and the current climate for press coverage, as well as a massive love for music and those who create it, working with Nathan is both inspiring and rewarding – not to mention that he’s excellent at his job.
Johan Alm, PNKSLM Recordings

Joan and Nathan have the unabashed enthusiasm that can only come from truly loving what they do. They’ve been at it long enough now that they ought to be as jaded and cynical as the journalists they interact with, but they never are. It’s a passion that’s infectious, like a wonderful disease, but not infectious like that one Pink song that goes ‘nah nah nah nah nah nah, we’re gonna start a fight!
Josh Modell, Onion A.V. Club

You need three things to make it in the music business > good looks, good drugs, and a good publicist. You’re on your own for the first two, but as far as publicity is concerned look no further than Nathan Walker.
Jason Lowenstein, Sebadoh

Balmorhea has worked with Alyssa DeHayes since 2008, and each release and tour seems to only be upped by the next. The only thing rivaling her passionate and professional pursuit of the best and highest for her work is her sweet and personal disposition. It’s a rare thing in this age for someone to fully possess even one of these traits, let alone two. She is someone that bridges the gap between client and friend; one who sends you care packages on tour and is wholly earnest about her pursuit of your musical and personal well-being. The music world (and the world in general) needs more like Alyssa.
Michael Muller, Balmorhea

The press campaign for our record was already in progress when Nathan Walker took over. The previous firm goofed up pretty bad, leaving Nathan with an even more difficult job than usual in soliciting press. Despite the uphill battle, Nathan did a terrific job and surpassed our expectations. Riot Act may be a small company, but I found them fiercely loyal, very attentive, and super devoted; a beacon of Real in a biz increasingly fulla fakes and incompetents.
James Jackson Toth, Wooden Wand

We’ve worked with numerous publicists over the years, but Riot Act Media has been one of the most efficient companies we’ve been lucky to work with.They’re real fans of music, and it shows. We’re still amazed by Nathan’s talents, and by all the coverage he got us for our Beachwood Sparks release.
Patrick Boissel, BOMP! / Alive Naturalsound Records

Beyond their attentiveness to clients, thoughtful campaigns, and overall success as publicists, they are genuine, honest, and passionate music fans. It’s this boiling passion for music and what they do at Riot Act that truly bodes well for the artists I work with and myself on a day-to-day basis. Their enthusiasm and fervor shine through on all fronts and seemingly has helped to close the ever pervasive gap between editors, bloggers, tastemakers, etc. and the artists they work with. I do and will continue to recommend Riot Act Media to anyone I cross looking for help on the publicity front.
Bobby Herb, Flip Artist Management (TORRES)


As a workaholic, I find kinship with my brethren at Riot Act. Nathan and Joan shone like beacons in the night, helping me achieve my goals with Visqueen’s Message to Garcia release and heavy tour press. As a label owner, songwriter, and bandmate, I consider them a fabulous and essential part of my business.
Rachel Flotard, Musician in Visqueen and Management at Red Light


When I finished my record, I was content with the idea that it would sit buried for eternity, streaming anonymously to no one in some forgotten corner of the internet. It was a good record, maybe even the best one I’d ever worked on, but I’d been around the track enough times to know that “good” and “paid attention to” are hardly mutually exclusive. Nathan was beyond excited about my sounds and energetic to the point of converting people to my weird little record. More new listeners discovered my music in the last year than makes any natural sense, and it’s due in large part to the enthusiasm and palpable sense of belief put forth by Nathan and his cohort at Riot Act.
Fred Thomas, Musician, Music Journalist, Engineer, Life Like Tapes

Nathan does amazing work for both album and tour PR! Strongly recommended if you are looking for a dedicated publicist.
Go Kurosawa, Kikagaku Moyo, Guruguru Brain Records

We’ve have been working with Nathan for quite some time now and there’s a reason we continue to work with him…because he truly understands what we’re doing and loves the music like we do. And because of this, Nathan works his butt off to turn other folks on to it. There’s a realness to the work he does and I’m certain that shines through to the people in press who he is constantly reaching out to. Nathan and the Riot Act team are great at what they do and they are also fantastic people. And that means a whole lot in this industry.
Mike Newman, Beyond Beyond is Beyond

Nathan is lovely and only works with acts that he is a fan of so you have integrity there. He’s also great cheerleader of labels and acts which is helpful when you’re in a high stress album campaign. He’ll go that extra mile to help a release achieve as much press as it can get-all round TOP NOTCH!
George Gargan, Damnably

Nathan and the Riot Act team have been great at working with our emerging artists and helping them connect with new audiences.
Ryan Dyck, Mint Records

We love working with Riot Act Media, and over the past year, Alyssa has played crucial role in helping launch the career of Natalie Prass. We started working with Alyssa directly at a small DIY level to bring the Natalie project in to the light and have stuck with her right through to Natalie signing with Star Time/Columbia, where Riot Act Media continue to deliver the goods.
Ben Baldwin, Dreamboat Management

I never delete your emails and you can quote me on that.
Bruce Warren, WXPN / World Cafe Live

Nathan Walker and Riot Act are a PR firm that understands all the tricky facets of representing bands and fulfilling their publicity needs.  One has to be a skilled diplomat to be a good publicist and Nathan certainly has that quality.  He deals with the wishy-washy people on either side of him (bands, journalists,editors,etc) in a way that puts everyone at ease and gets the job done and leaves all involved with positive vibes about this funny game of publicity in the music business.  Some music biz services can’t be quantified and fall under the category of “this is something we need to do, but i don’t know why” but using Riot Act and Nathan IS quantifiable-you will see results AND you’ll want to hire him again and again….so just do it, you’ll be glad you did.
Bob D’Amico/Sebadoh

The Riot Act team of publicists are more than just good at their jobs–they’re people who invest in their artists.
Mackenzie Scott, aka TORRES

People like you enrich our cause to provide exposure for the artists that need to be seen and not lost amid the smoke, mirrors and indifference from the outlets that are supposed to have the artists and fans best interests in mind but go for the easiest common denominator because it’ll get whoever mad clicks and traffic and stuff.
Sjimon Gompers, IMPOSE Magazine

Nathan at Riot Act is an extremely hardworking and valued team member for many projects at Suicide Squeeze. You can rest assured when you hire Nathan that you’re getting a passionate individual that cares about the artist and the music that they make. So many times in this business, you run across folks that are only in it for the paycheck. Nathan is not that. Highly Recommended!
David Dickenson, Suicide Squeeze Records

Riot Act are consistently one of the most reliable and hardest working publicity firms we’ve had the joy of working with here at Polyvinyl. They’re creative and passionate in their pitches, competitive in their pursuit for coverage – both nationally and regionally, transparent and accountable in their reporting, compassionate and respectful when working one on one with artists, nurturing and supportive in their relationships across the industry and all of media, flexible within reason when it comes to making budgets work, and above all, some of the best people in the business. Riot Act is the gold standard of how publicity firms should work.
Rob Wilcox, Polyvinyl Records

The best thing about working with Nathan is that he only chooses projects he’s sincerely excited about. From our first phone call onward, his enthusiasm never waned, and that translated directly to what he was able to do for us on the press side.
Anthony Ferraro, Astronauts, etc.

Riot Act’s efforts led to the placement of 33 1/3 books in many national newspapers, magazines and websites and helped us reach a new audience.
Ally-Jane Grossan, 33 1/3 Books

A great experience—We had much more positive press attention than we expected and our interactions with Riot Act were charming and sunny. A+ nice work!
Tim Rutili, Califone

Nathan became a key member of the team for our release of Dana Falconberry’s record, going well beyond the call of duty to curate the initial publicity rollout and see it through into a slow-burn that’s bolstered the band’s reputation for months of touring. It’s been almost a year since the release, and the album is still getting national coverage from the likes of NPR and New York Times. This is thanks to Riot Act.
Jack Tuggle, Artist Manager, Dana Falconberry

I know on paper, Nathan Walker and I have a “pitch music, consider music, give feedback on music” relationship, but really, I often feel like he’s my personal shopping assistant, helping me choose quality tunes to “try on,” if you will. Sometimes navigating the musical blogosphere’s waters is tough going, sometimes I question what good music sounds like any more. But whenever I receive an email from Nathan and the Riot Act Media team, I know I’m in caring hands—people who care not only about the music they promote, but the people they promote it to. Riot Act Media is my co-pilot.
Fred Knittel, WXPN Folkadelphia

Intuitive and sensitive, they truly helped the music to find outlets that made sense and resonated. Thank you!
Kyle Field aka Little Wings

Nathan, and Riot Act Media, went so far beyond the call of duty promoting my film, MAKE, that it still continues to blow my mind. Although this was their first time out promoting a movie, they brought in press from so many amazing outlets that never would have heard of my small film otherwise; including Paper Magazine, SPIN, The Huffington Post, and the Utne Reader just to name a few. I will definitely be returning to Riot Act Media in the future in order to have them shepherd my new projects out into the world. Honestly, it was an incredible (and extremely productive) experience working with them!
Scott Ogden, Director of MAKE

They not only did a great job on promoting the record and got us some great press coverage, they even helped us secure a spot on NPR and helped us with a few shows in Portland as well! They went above and beyond the call of duty and I’m getting ready to hire them again for another project.
John Bacciagalupi, Manager of Sea Of Bees