Labrador Records

Tan Cologne is the duo of Lauren Green and Marissa Macias based in Northern New Mexico. The two artists work together in sonic and tactile modalities inspired by both Earthly and otherworldly landscapes.

Tan Cologne self-recorded their debut album “Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico” in a 250+ year old historic adobe fortress located in Ranchos de Taos Plaza, steps from the old mission in Northern New Mexico. “Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico” was released by Labrador Records (Sweden) and has been listed as one of Gorilla vs Bear’s “Favorite Albums of 2020”, Brooklyn Vegan: Indie Basement’s Best Albums of 2020, selected as a “Staff Listening Pick” on PASTE Magazine, & more.

Green and Macias self-recorded their second album “Earth Visions of Water Spaces” in their home, next to a dry river bed in Northern New Mexico. Inspired by water and waterways “Earth Visions of Water Spaces” was released by Labrador Records in September 2022 and has been noted as a “low key shoegaze masterpiece” by Electronic Sound Magazine, as well as “one of the most influential records of the year” by Circuit Sweet, and Gorilla vs Bear’s “Best Albums of 2022”.

Continuing their magnetic pull to observe and interact with ancient and handmade environments, the duo traveled to Puglia, Italy in September 2022 to intuitively record and perform on site in residency at Pescetrullo, a unique space located among ancient olive trees and traditional rural structures. 

During historic lightning storms, power outages, and oscillating visitors, the duo created soundscapes composed of field recordings and live instrumentation, organic sounds and texture. Recording took place both inside and outside the distinct architectural structures as well as a parallel water to Pescetrullo, the seaside of Torre Pozzelle. Sounds were captured in coves and within cavernous cut-outs interacting with lapping water and smoothed ripples. Together with percussive recordings made inside the cement pool at Pescetrullo, and of rock stacking, thunder, glass bottle tapping, and insect behaviors, the sounds were pieced together to form a sonic imprint of the multidimensional layers. 

The project entitled “Pescetrullo (soundscapes)” is a different and site-specific presentation from the duo, centered in instrumental and ambient sound. The recordings and accompanying book of film photos will be released in 2023 via Labrador Records on cassette as a time capsule. 1 year from recording.

Tan Cologne is currently working on their next full length album.