“I am a terrible sleeper, I have a parasomnia where I wake myself up scratching my arms, outstretched like a zombie. Other days I wake up wondering why I slept so poorly, but when I sit up, my sheets are wrapped around my neck. This video is a visual manifestation of involuntary self torture, the feeling of drowning in your own consequences, whether in dreams or in waking life.” Meredith Johnston on her new single, “Gimme A Reason,” that’s out now on House of Feelings


Warm Human is a Chicago-based, Oakland-raised sludge pop project from Meredith Johnston. Mixing ambient textures and synth-pop aesthetics, Warm Human drags her depression to the forefront as a one-woman chamber choir of devastation.

Praise for Warm Human’s debut album, Ghastly:

“It’s a confident debut that shines on its subtlety as much as its hair-raising choruses.” VICE

“One of the most immediately gripping aspects of Ghastly is Johnston’s voice: a dynamic, tightly-controlled croon that can pacify and energize at different turns…” Bandcamp Daily

“These are bold, capital-P pop gestures kidnapped from their native environment and thrown against the wall in new and surprising formations.” Uproxx

“…emotionally charged “sludge pop” music that sticks with you like a cold sweat creeping up in the middle of the night.” Highsnobiety

“…her vocals ooze with desperate yet resigned feelings about the moment” Stereogum