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Photo credit to Gavin Mcdonald



Written in a month-long breakup fever dream, Warm Human’s newest album Hometown Hero is the swan song of a fraying relationship driven by distorted guitars and diary entries. Inspired by Veruca Salt, PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me, and Sheryl Crow’s The Globe Sessions (particularly “The Difficult Kind”), Hometown Hero transforms Warm Human’s typical self-described ‘sludge pop’ into rusted-out nails of the garage rock world. 
As she puts it “I don’t play guitar, like, at all. But as a break-up impulse purchase, I bought a telecaster, and this album came out of that haze immediately after. I used guitars as I would synthesizers and software on my pop albums, and tried to fuse the organic with the inorganic, to match how it feels when you get out of a relationship that was doomed from the start: dizzy, a little nauseous, and recovering from whiplash.”

Hometown Hero was written, recorded, and produced by Meredith Johnston aka Warm Human in her bedroom studio. Drums played and recorded by Gavin McDonald (Mister Amiss), post-production by Gavin McDonald, mixed by Chad Howat, and mastered by Casey Wood. D.O.A. saxophone by Sen Morimoto. Special thanks to Matt Ciani, Luke Silas, Kerry McCoy, Dez Connolly, Alex Riggs and Hether Fortune.