Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico is the debut album from Tan Cologne, a new project by Lauren Green (formerly Mirror Travel) and interdisciplinary artist Marissa Macias. The two artists met in Taos 5 years ago and began exploring new musical and creative terrains together. From forming an underground gallery space to composing experimental soundscapes, Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico emerged from parallel observations and growth, with New Mexico as the axis of the journey.

The album is a story of time capsules and contact; examining fossilized terrains, monsoons, New Age dreams, alien visitations, resurrected communes, and the life cycle of a human ego on Earth. Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico is an entryway to a new portal – a journey that explores the mysteries and oddities of New Mexico, alongside spatial inner-workings of growth and spirit.

Using sound as a vibrational connective tissue, Cave Vaults was recorded in two unique spaces – a 250+ year old historic adobe fortress located in Ranchos de Taos Plaza, and a small hippie casita in Northern New Mexico. Everything you hear was written, performed, recorded, and produced by Green and Macias. The only other musician on the debut album is Green’s mother, who plays the flute on New Dune + Empty Vessels.

The album title was grafted from Taos Composer Joanne Forman’s 1987 soundscape. Her composition “Cave Vaults of The Moon” accompanied a sculpture exhibition in Taos, NM on imagined alien artifacts – a resonant investigation and scent of Tan Cologne.


IMAGES: To download, click above. Photo credit to Marissa Macias.


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