Say Sue Me

Say Sue Me, the surf-inspired indie rock/pop quartet from Busan, South Korea, release their sophomore album Where We Were Together on Damnably/Electric Muse April 13. The album was recorded by Chun Hakju at Mushroom Recording in Seoul & Mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service and follows the 2017 Say Sue Me compilation album, the Semin RSD EP, and split 7” single w/ Otoboke Beaver.

Friends since 5th grade Jae Young (Bass) and Kim Byungkyu (guitar) met drummer Kang Semin at high school and played in bands together until the winter of 2012, when one day they were drinking tea and beer at a tea shop in Nampo-dong, and Sumi arrived. They liked her speaking voice and immediately offered her a spot as the vocalist in a new band that would become Say Sue Me. Sumi Choi turned out to be a natural at songwriting. Semin sadly suffered trauma from a fall. New drummer Changwon stands in while they await Semin’s recovery.

Where We Were Together could not be anything but a tribute to and dealing with the emotional fallout of losing a friend and band-mate.

“We made 5 of the songs on Where We Were Together with Semin before his accident, and of the remaining songs on the album 4 of them (“Let It Begin,” “Funny and Cute,” “B Lover,” and “About The Courage To Become Someone’s Past”) are about Semin or made with him in mind.

Although we can’t be together right now, we decided to give the album this title because it reminded us of everything we’ve shared with Semin. And what’s more, sometimes we’ve thought if we make this album a wish to return to the place we were together, some powerful spell might rise up. Who knows if it’s even possible but sometimes we think maybe it could work.”

The title of this album comes from upcoming single “Just Joking Around” that’s not on the album and is a real heartbreaker.

The bands main influences are 60’s Surf and 90’s indie rock, from The Ventures to Seam, Yo La Tengo and Pavement but the sound onWhere We Were Together is more polished partly due to the recording in a proper studio for the first time and partly because they’ve grown more confident and ambitious with their compositions.

The first single “Old Town” was written when Sumi felt left behind after graduating University. Friends vacated Busan and she felt like “the last person left in this city”. It’s a dazzling pop anthem to loneliness and wanderlust.

“B Lover” was originally written for Semin’s other band, Barbie Dolls, who play insanely fast garage rock/punk. The lyrics are a tribute to his mischievous ways and desire to “just let go of worries about the future, buy as much good beer as we wanted to drink and ride taxis, even to nearby streets, his jokes and tastes are most like those in a B movie with a Type-B personality so we stuck the name B Lover on the song”

“Let It Begin” is an old tune from the time of the first album and Sumi added lyrics recently about the weekend ritual of partying hard to make a “beautiful and happy night last all the way to the end” as a means of staving of life’s worries.

“Here” came about when “one night near the end of summer in 2015 we started composing a quiet tune to match the sound of chirping crickets and very quickly arranged all the parts that night.”

The album includes a woozy version of “But I Like You” and slicker “I Just Want To Dance,” tracks that originally appeared on the Semin EP.

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“Old Town”

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