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Kim Krans

Echo Magic

Kim Krans is a visionary artist, author, creator of The New York Times bestseller THE WILD UNKNOWN TAROT, and musician who most recently worked with Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Strand of Oaks) to conceptualize MIRRORMIRROR, out February 2 on Echo Magic Records, the label run by Scott Hirsch of Hiss Golden Messenger. The first single Golden Tears is streaming everywhere now.

Kim writes:

“Golden Tears is a relentless prayer to let go of all things. Solve et coagula. It’s an ego dissolve, a total obliteration into the grand force of nature. While writing it I was envisioning the kid’s game Operation, where everything gets plucked out of the character piece by piece until its empty. But now the character gets filled up with sound, mantra, prayer, tears, love, forgiveness. The mantra in this track is from the Durga Saptashati – it is a prayer for Earth, and for its Oceans.”

Kim received her BFA in drawing at Cooper Union in NYC, MFA in mixed media at Hunter College, and an MA in depth psychology and creativity at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. Her seeker’s heart has brought her to study in-depth practices of Classical Hatha, Kundalini Yoga, and shamanism in India, Africa, Europe, and the UK. Kim teaches events and workshops that activate the forces of creativity and radical transformation through art, meditation, mysticism, and movement.

Album credits:

Kim Krans – vocals, harmonium, guitar, piano
Kevin Ratterman – drums, additional instrumentation

Jim James – vocals on Spinning Sun
Produced by Kevin Ratterman, Invisible Creature Studios in LA, 2022

Mastered by Ian Sefchick at Dark Sky Studios