House of Feelings

“Convo” started out as a conceptual track, where I wanted to trade fours with one of the greats, Max Roach. I started by dropping in one of his most-well known statements, “Conversation,” and going back and forth with his solo. It became quickly clear the foundation for that was broader than the sum of its parts, as other instrumentals became more and more expansive. A lifetime ago, Matty was in a band called ARMS with Dave. He’s such a genuine, lovely guy, and a big supporter of our work and parties. Among the folks we know, he’s moved most aggressively into the jazz world. Without hesitation, he did a series of takes for us. By then, I rewrote the drums to dialogue with his playing, doing two tracks, one in each stereo channel. When Joe came in and laid down that monster bass line, it started to feel complete. Sitting somewhere between house and electronica and psy jazz, this is our tribute to electric Miles, with the now-ironic sample “not in New York, which is the only place to live,” undergirding a down-cycle of this cultural capital. As I write this, Joe now lives in Denver, Matty looks to new horizons, and Dave has decamped to Los Angeles. – Dale Eisinger

“Convo” is the third single from the forthcoming House of Feelings LP, No Big Deal, following “401K (Feat. Kip Berman)” and “Get High W/U 2 (Feat. House of Feelings)”.

House of Feelings started as a club night, expanded into a musical project, became the title of a radio show, and naturally made its way into a label. Started in 2015 by Matty Fasano, House of Feelings takes the collaborative and ecstatic traditions of house and disco music to futuristic resolutions. Fasano and longtime collaborator Joe Fassler began the musical project, releasing its first singles under the GODMODE label in 2016, and wrangling in sound artist and YVETTE drummer Dale Eisinger to produce the group’s debut EP, Last Chance, for Infinite Best, in 2017. By 2018, the three gelled as a strong unit, and dropped the debut LP, New Lows, as part of the Joyful Noise White Label Series. As the list of collaborators and friends involved with the project grew to an untenable length, it only made sense to redirect the spotlight onto these artists proper, and House of Feelings became a record label itself in 2019. Drawing from the workflow of Motown, the aesthetic of DFA, and various lineages of dance and club music, House of Feelings now aims to bring recognition to new and evolving artists in their orbit.


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