Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is a band from Seattle that has a strange tendency to invoke the music critic’s desire to invent supernatural origin stories for them. Likely something to do with the wide-eyed, alien-come-human perspective adopted in many of Jake McCaffray’s lyrics, which is accentuated by a backdrop of ear-catching odd-pop, as defined by the likes of Kate Bush, of Montreal, and Brian Eno.

This band’s giddy energy is brought to life with the strange glam and theatricality of their live performances, leaving one to say “WTF JUST HAPPENED & I LOVE IT”  (-Alaina Love). Fruit Juice has released a full length album and two EP’s on Swoon Records, and can’t wait to share what they’ve been working on lately.

Mirke vs. The Dreamy LLC is out Dec. 3rd, 2021 (CD/Cassette/12″)

Band Members:
Jake McCaffray (he/him/his): Lead Vocal, Guitar
Quillian Fennessy (she/her/hers: Keys, Backing Vocal
James Dyer (he/him/his): Drums, Backing Vocal
Gabriel Stranahan (he/him/his):  Bass, Backing Vocal
Schwa Chetust (he/him/his): Lead Guitar, Backing Vocal

FJblazerLine1 - credit Devin Munoz (1)

IMAGES: To download, click above. Photo credit to Devin Munoz.
“I Don’t Know” Video
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