Brooklyn-based sophistipop project Flash Trading share their new single “Pearly Fire.” Just this summer, the band released “On Display,” a pulsating single with an accompanying absurdist video, which was featured on The 405. The band followed up that single with a plaintively foggy b-side, “Similar Devils,” which was featured by The Deli Magazine. “Pearly Fire,” the latest single from the band, and the first Flash Trading song written by singer Dani Laundry, is out now on all DSPs.

“Pearly Fire” is an autumnal dance tune that echoes the rolling waves of hope and guilt that come with an unrequited crush. Dani’s lilting melody and the ebbing filters of Julius’ Juno 60 seventh chords resonate with the lows of secrecy and self-doubt, and the highs that come with unrealistic hopes and fantasy. It is a constant struggle of validation, internal and external – a universal feeling.

“Pearly Fire” was recorded with the help of Matty Fasano, and is released on House of Feelings.

Flash Trading is keyboard player and producer Michael Julius, a Queens native who has played in various bands throughout the last decade, and vocalist Dani Laundry, who has released a diverse collection of solo material. Julius and Laundry bonded over their love for artists like Prefab Sprout and Kate Bush, and their ambitions to build soundscapes that reimagine in the world in the way those musicians did.


Flash Trading is a sophistipop dance music project formed in Brooklyn in 2017, and comprised of producer and synth player Michael Julius and singer Dani Laundry. Flash Trading released their first EP, The Golden Mile, in 2017 to praise from Pitchfork, Paste, and Ad Hoc. Pitchfork wrote, of The Golden Mile, “Their songs work hard to create a space for movement: Their rhythms sway with the insistence of a rocking chair, and as hard-edged as they can get, a certain brightness pervades their work.” The Golden Mile was released on TAG OUT, a multimedia enterprise run by Kris Petersen, formerly of DFA Records, where Kris was instrumental in signing acts like Guerilla Toss, Essaie pas, and Factory Floor. Flash Trading followed up the release of The Golden Mile EP with shows at staple New York venues like Sunnyvale, El Cortez, and C’mon Everybody.

Since releasing The Golden Mile, Flash Trading has reconfigured its lineup to consist of primary songwriter and producer Michael Julius, a Queens native who has played in New York City bands for over a decade, and Dani Laundry, who in her solo work has compiled an incredibly prolific and diverse set of sophistipop and shoegaze tracks on Bandcamp in just a few short years. Mike and Dani bonded over their love for artists like Prefab Sprout and Kate Bush, and their ambitions to recontextualize those influences in ways that emphasize their resonance in modern culture.

Flash Trading plans to release an album on House of Feelings in the spring of next year.

Press for Flash Trading’s previous releases:
“Inspired by Brooklyn’s current electronic scene and ’80s acid house, the New York trio applies a sophisticated sheen to analog-driven electro-pop.” – Pitchfork

“It’s more an approximation of that glorious feeling that a great song can bring out of you. And how listening again and again to a favorite songs can bring back those memories of when it first grabbed you.” – Paste

“Brooklyn’s own Flash Trading belong to the camp of electronic musicians that seek to pay homage to classic analog sounds while pushing forward the genre through their bold songwriting.” – AdHoc

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