Multi-instrumentalist Jenny Logan, aka Deathlist, grew up in central California and at age 13, she was forbidden to speak. After a long year of silence, she ran away in the middle of the night, moved to New York City, and started playing in bands. At first Jenny was too shy to face her audiences, and refused to speak into a microphone. Only after years of touring and playing in other peoples’ projects — including My Teenage Stride, Mortals, World Atlas, Ribbons, and Summer Cannibals — was she able to quietly reassemble the voice that was silenced as a girl. The assemblage is Deathlist.

Deathlist’s debut LP was written in 2016 while Jenny was on tour with Summer Cannibals supporting The Thermals and The Wedding Present. It was conceived as a diary of sorts chronicling a year spent coming to terms with the impending death of her estranged father. It was recorded in Portland, Oregon with Victor Nash at Destination:Universe, a science-fiction library and recording studio. Jenny plays everything on the record except for drums on the first two tracks, which were performed by Scotty Magee of Ural Thomas and the Pain.

Some advice: Deathlist’s debut album is best enjoyed while lying on the floor with your head between the speakers. Don’t try to do anything else while you’re listening, because you won’t be able. Just listen.

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“With You Now”

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