A few weeks before she was to enter the studio to work on a new release from her project Deathlist, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jenny Logan sprained her shoulder. What for most of us would be a minor inconvenience forced this artist to rethink how to play the songs that would make up her forthcoming EP Weaks.

“My plan was to play everything live with a band,” Logan remembers, “but I didn’t know if I’d be able to play at all. I ended up playing everything myself out of necessity rather than my own design. I deconstructed the drum parts and put them back together again, and had to play all the guitar and bass parts sitting down.”

What was born of necessity wound up being integral to the emotional weight of Weaks. Recorded with the help of Hutch Harris of The Thermals, the mini-album explores Logan’s personal life, examining past relationships and the various internal and external issues that led to their demise. The songs are stark and direct and unavoidable due to the empty space and minimalist production.

It can be, at times, a little startling, like the small waver that enters Logan’s voice as she sings “Wish I could be the one to/Wish I could let you come through/but I can’t feel anything” over a bed of acoustic guitar and pulsing synth on “I Can’t Feel Anything.” And sometimes it can cut deep even as the music takes up a small head of steam as on “Sleeper,” a gently rousing bit of post-punk that features Logan singing about an intimate relationship that remains “incomplete” due to reticence and fear.

Weaks culminates with the title track, a moving midtempo track where Logan sounds almost hopeful for what the future of her love life might be. “I’m gonna find it somewhere/I’ve been weak a long time,” she sings. “That song really crystallized the concept of the EP,” she says.

“It’s about admitting weakness and coming to terms with my own faults but still being somewhat optimistic.” One thing Logan can be completely assured about is her artistic future. Deathlist has already received acclaim for this project’s first self-titled album from publications like The FADER, Willamette Week, and Impose Magazine. Once Weaks hits the streets, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world sits up and takes notice.

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“With You Now” off the s/t debut album.

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