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The largely electronic arrangement on Dana Falconberry’s newest song “Palmless” may not make it so obvious, but the Austin songwriter is best known for her eloquent interpretations of nature and wildlife in her music. Her 2012 album Leelanau, written as an ode to her childhood vacations in the Michigan peninsula of the same name, is a more direct example of such inspiration. On this album, Falconberry’s lyrical descriptions of beauty in nature are further expounded upon by the intricate string arrangements and vocal harmonies of her bandmates.

Leelanau was heralded by critics for it’s gentle but complex orchestration and garnered Falconberry widespread recognition which grew steadily over 2013. Backed by her 6 piece band, Falconberry proceeded to travel all over the United States, touring as support for other acts (Heartless Bastards, Califone, Ivan & Alyosha) and blazing their own paths into unforeseen house shows and DIY spaces. The group was also presented with great opportunities to play festivals like ACL Fest, SXSW, and Noise Pop Festival. The critical recognition only grew further as music writers and radio programmers encountered the well-crafted sound of their live show.

In the midst of all this touring, Falconberry took one cold winter month of to hibernate and write songs in the Ozarks, using cabin fever as a creative fuel. She returned and presented these songs to her band and producer Jim Eno (Spoon, !!!, Heartless Bastards, Alejandro Escovedo) to be arranged and tracked as a new full-length record.

The following recording sessions yielded some exciting new ideas, and three days in particular found Falconberry and Eno alone in the studio experimenting with new sounds. The two songs from that collaboration, “Palmless” and “Seven Hills” are being released on Eno’s label Public Hi-Fi Records as the second in his vinyl singles series on Record Store Day 2014 (April 19).

Now, as always, Falconberry and her band are anxious to be out on the road again, playing their new material to fans and friends. Their live show brings to life the razor precision of the band’s cumulative musical prowess, but there’s somehow a relaxed walking-on-air feeling given to the audience… that’s the feeling that can only come from dear friends traveling together and doing what they love most.

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Press for Dana Falconberry’s highly acclaimed sophomore album, Leelanau:

“Her music is gentle yet intricate: a rusticated chamber music using banjo, cello, and staggered, contrapuntal vocal harmonies with the other women in her band, in songs full of wordless interludes that unfurled a skein of possibilities.” New York Times

“Beautiful!” NPR’s All Songs Considered

“On the right day, with the right dreamy light, this’ll hit straight to the heart.” The FADER

“I love her and her band so much. So many emotions were felt.” VICE

“With backing vocalists Gina Dvorak and Karla Manzur helping evaporate Falconberry’s ornate ballads into a cappella curlicues, the audience fell silent enough to hear the afternoon breeze bending tree branches overhead.” Washington Post

“…there’s something to be said for hearing a voice for the first time and becoming a instant fan. Mixing the sweet nostalgia of folk music with an unexpected dash of soul, Falconberry’s music takes you on a journey, like a good book on a rainy day.” NYLON

“Whether you call it pop folk, audio poetry, or chamber pop, Dana Falconberry’s first full-length with Antenna Farm Records is an insidious stunner.” Foxy Digitalis

“Dana Falconberry is among Austin’s more exciting and promising talents, painting rich lyrical pictures against equally evocative music.” Austin American-Statesman

“‘I keep my curtains mostly closed,’ Falconberry sighs, but you’ll want your eyes — and ears — to stay open all the way to the playful ending.” SPIN on their premier of the music video for “Lake Charlevoix”



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“Petoskey Stone”
“Lake Charlevoix”


“Lake Charlevoix”


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