Cor de Lux 2_John Blivens
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Cor de Lux


COR DE LUX grew out of the music scene of North Carolina’s Outer Banks in 2018. The band found each other over a by chance conversation about a love of music between its two founding members (guitarist Tim Lusk, and guitarist and vocalist, Dawn Moraga) while Moraga waited for a phone repair in Tim’s shop. This turned out to be the catalyst for their band’s formation, with John Bliven quickly added on bass and Thomas McNeely stepping in for founding member and drummer Dana Quinn in early 2022. Their music (a mixture of post-punk, goth-tinged pop and shoegaze) has earned the tongue-in-cheek nickname ‘Shoe-Gazi’ by friends.

The new album MEDIA is a message from our hearts to human civilization. The album draws on emotions from being on lockdown, media and uncertainty of what will happen next. The underrated silver linings we all have in common but have to fight to see.  What we experience still needs to be questioned while remembering that conflicting beliefs can end with healthy discourse if we see each other as equals. If we are scared to talk to each other, we have already lost.

The band needed each other during the “Covid Years“ for a sort of therapy and this foundation helped build the structure of the songs.  That and the powerful urge to learn more than what we are told, both mentally and musically.

There was so much checking in on people around us and when we got together to play it was our way of forging ahead and getting the emotions put down as Art.  The angst post punk driven builds in most of these songs came naturally as the entire album was recorded from jams with little direction as we wanted the songs to build emotionally. We lost our original drummer shortly after recording the last song. A personal decision by him to leave he felt like the story was written and these songs are a part of him as much as they are of us. Thank you.

We all agree that there’s an excitement to see what comes next and want to continue to skirt around genres and create only what comes naturally.