Babehoven is the music project helmed by singer, songwriter and producer Maya Bon. Currently based in Vermont, Maya was raised outside of Los Angeles in Topanga, CA where she began exploring songwriting as a kid, playing in various bands in elementary school through high school. Maya started recording and performing as Babehoven in 2017 while attending college in Portland, OR. “Babehoven is, in large part, my way of externalizing my deepest, most vulnerable sense of self through song,” Maya says. What began as a personal endeavor to process life’s emotional tumults soon changed scope to involve a full-scale band, with Babehoven recording two EPs in a friend’s basement in 2018 and quickly growing a following in the Portland music community. Maya relocated to LA later that year where she began collaborating with musician and producer Ryan Albert. “That period in LA was refreshing. I felt seen and heard in a way that I had not as a teenager. The music community had become much more inclusive, and I was able to create a whole new world for myself in a city I thought I already had fully figured out”.

Maya and Ryan left LA for a change of pace in late 2019 to record Demonstrating Visible Difference of Height and Yellow has a pretty good reputation. They have continued to live in Vermont through quarantine where Maya has focused her energy on writing new Babehoven music to be released in 2021 and beyond.



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