Lightning Records is excited to announce the new stand-alone single “Tune In [Prelude]” by Alivenique.

“Tune In” is the first release by Alivenique, the new future feminine meta pop-art music project of musician & artist Ali Beletic, and functions both as a singular iconic call out, and as a prelude for the 2021 full length album titled The Year of the Statement.

From the outset of her career as an artist and musician, Ali has rebelled against convention, juxtaposing editorial, personal narrative and vanguardism. For her, “Tune In [Prelude]” is the blowing of the conch shell on her new pop-art project Alivenique, where she plays with a more sophisticated, developed self- aware artistry, laying the foundation for femininity going forward, telling a global story, and bringing punk into pop-art. Themes on the record include womanhood and the female spirit, the lexus and the olive tree, power, the new integration of the avant-garde with pop art, millennialism, primitivism, ceremony, champion, globalism, and love. However, she intends to define the space for extroverts and party-ers, working with dance beats, percussion collages, and her contribution to a new neon global sound.

Composed electronically, building beats from layers and layers of recorded and sampled percussion and pairing this with unique combinations of distorted synths, cinematic strings, and rattling 808s, the Alivenique music is equal parts Brazilian dance party, and a soundtrack to Baraka if it was scored by a technicolor Ennio Morricone. Her first single “Tune In [Prelude]” is an immediate and iconic anthem that jumps right in and grabs your attention with an undeniable groove in blaring, distorted percussion. Ali has long been known to love throwing a good party, and this song is a call out to Ali’s new global, cinematic dance party, where everyone is invited. This particular song is perhaps cast at some long lost early 90’s warehouse dj party, or maybe its an early 00’s Brooklyn loft party – whereever it is it, the message couldn’t be any clearer that it is NOW.

Ali’s background is as a filmmaker and visual artist as well as musician. She studied classical voice while studying film at NYU, and then wrote her early music on guitar and piano and voice. In 2016, she released her debut record, Legends of These Lands Left to Live, which New York Magazine’s the Cut noted “has been uncommonly well-received by critics, at least one of whom compared her to James Dean (among a host of living rock legends).” NPR compared her music to Patti Smith and Cat Power, while Vice compared her music to early Dylan. The Guardian included her in their artists to watch in 2016 and New York Magazine’s the cut called her ‘the real deal’. It was also celebrated by writers from Stereogum, The Revue, LA Weekly, Impose and Consequence of Sound. Ali currently sells her artwork through her gallery in LA Tappan Collective.

Ali wrote “Tune In” and the songs on Year of the Statement over the last two years, after studying electronic music at Berklee and making an artistic turn, taking leave of the earth art hues and initmate, heady sonic space of her first record (Legends of These Lands Left To Live released as Ali Beletic), intending to create a totally new, percussion and vocal led, densely layered, multi colored, extroverted, neon global sound.

The album is co-produced, recorded, and mixed with producer Seth Olinsky (Cy Dune/Akron/Family) at Lightning Studios in Southern CA, and then mastered by Chris Athens (Rosalia, Kendrick Lamar) at his studio in Texas.

Album cover photo by Ashley Sophia Clark.

Alivenique (photos by Lightning and Fabrizio Raschetti)
IMAGES: To download, click above. Press photo credit to Lightning and Fabrizio Raschetti.


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