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Suicide Squeeze

As the world continues to literally burn, The Paranoyds return with a much-needed dose of musical levity. It’s been nearly a year since the Los Angeles-based outfit released Carnage Bargain, their debut full-length, and this new release, a two-song seven-inch, is a total embodiment of their every influence. 

Their identity — a band fueled by campy horror movies and garage rock — is more evident than ever on this seven-inch, beginning with the organ-fueled opening of A-side “Pet Cemetery.” Featuring the sounds of off-kilter keys alongside a chugging guitar line, and expansive experiments, “Pet Cemetery” has become a staple of the band’s live performances, resulting in a sea of zombie-fied headbang every time it’s played. 

Despite the obvious heaviness that surrounds a track entirely centered on undead lovers partaking in PDA, there’s an undeniable undercurrent of fun. Previously recorded during sessions for the band’s full length-debut, this unofficial anthem for underworld romance was being saved for a special moment. 

On the record’s B-side, is “Hotel Celebrity,” a single that’s darkness isn’t quite so overt. An examination of aging, and the fruitless celebrity pursuit of superficial perfection, The Paranoyds share in a not so sincere toast to Hollywood. 

The single was among the last sessions at the famed Tiny Telephone, a San Francisco-based recording studio. The track is a sneak peek at the future, if there is a future beyond all this shit, of what musical direction The Paranoyds might be headed in next. 

Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to release the Pet Cemetery EP on a limited-edition, one-time pressing of 750 copies on coke bottle clear vinyl on November 27, 2020.

Praise for their debut album:

“scowling, winking garage rock. Full of lethal riffs, but toying with clap-along twee, The Paranoyds’ surfy, Riot Grrrl grunge splits the difference between Bratmobile and The Go-Go’s, with a little Blondie thrown in…[‘Girlfriend Degree’ is] a mission statement and a battlecry for a band equally interested in laughing as the world burns, and fixing it.” PAPER 

“The track kicks off with a very punky bass line that harks back to some of Kathi Wilcox’s work on the early Bikini Kill catalog. A classic chorus built on fuzzy guitars and imperfect vocals slices through the air, yet somehow is catchy all the same.” Stereogum on “Carnage Bargain”

“one of L.A.’s most established DIY bands” V Magazine

Their take-no-prisoners fury and snarky sing-song choruses have quickly made them local favorites in the DIY and indie scene.” – Noisey

“Mega model Staz Lindes’ buzzy four-piece is creating the LA DIY scene’s most richly layered punk sounds of the moment.” i-D

Sweet, grungy goodness.” – NYLON Magazine

There’s a thrashy, trashy quality to this solid debut from The Paranoyds.”Uncut Magazine (UK)

The Paranoyds have officially stolen our hearts.”The Grey Estates

Fueled by horror movies and unsettled by the grip of social media, the punk rock outfit feel we’re currently living in the dystopia future of which we’ve always been warned. Tracks like their new single “Face First” capture this… well, paranoia in hooks that are equal parts catchy and anxious…“Face First” creeps around your head with a squealing two-tone guitar line. That squirming feeling that someone’s watching everything you do? That’s these notes.” – Consequence of Sound

“…classic proto-punk and garage sounds with badass ramshackle girls’ choir melodies, stacking vocals up like bricks, ready to be thrown through the next available window.”Bust Magazine