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We at Mint Records are proud to announce our latest signing, Edmonton Alberta’s, Renny Wilson. Now, Renny Wilson is not your typical young man. He’s a gentleman. He can sport a Canadian tuxedo like no other. And he is a menacing presence both in the studio and on the dance floor. Soon, Renny will win you over with his dizzy, saxified pop indulgences. Look out for his Mint Records debut, Sugarglider in early 2013.

To give you a little more insight, Renny once described his musical being as “A film starring Hall & Oates set on a cruise ship with Donna Summer playing the woman of interest. Competition for her love nearly tears them apart, but they soon find out she and her accomplice, played by Paul McCartney, are plotting to sink the ship! Also, Al Green is the ship’s resident crooner.” We’re just going to say that Sugarglider is our go-to party record these days and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

Renny Wilson – Sugarglider
Out Jan 22, 2013, on Mint Records

1) By and By
2) Who Was I?
3) Could’ve it Been Me?
4) Come Tomorrow
5) Feel Like a Child
6) Bound to Lose
7) Sugarglider
8) Nobody
9) Lady Pain
10) Mope Opera

Album Info:

After almost a decade of struggle, strain, and delay, the debut record from Edmontonian Renny Wilson has now seen the light. His first ever release Sugarglider draws blood from disco keystones such as Bad Girls, and the spirit of Arthur Russell. Common elements of chillwave, krautrock, and a healthy dose of Haunted Graffiti can also be heard in a bold, tempo-matched digital-delay. Sugarglider starts out by taking you on a saxed-out, psychedelic, electric-bass powered dance party, riddled with the sounds of late 1980′s FM Synths, 12 bit horns, and regret. The soul-plane flies high, low, and then back up again before it fizzles away into a motorik-opera. Only to slap back with deep, white-boy funk, cosmic pulsar-pop, and sampled-string schmaltz. The contrast of upbeat music and melancholy lyrical content provide a tasty combination for any groove-oriented listener. Tap this valiant freshman effort into your varicose, and you’ll find yourself crying vaseline tears of self-pity on the dance floor.


As a rule, I pretty much love blissed-out, hypnotic, sax-filled jams, so I was already going to enjoy “By and By”, the new single from Edmonton’s Renny Wilson, but throw in a sexy jeans & gyration-filled, self-shot video, and you can set the Friday Fun meter to 10+++. -

René is one chill bro. Lord knows he knows how to sport a Canadian tuxedo in style, and enjoy the finest cuisine chez 7-11. Follow him on a ‘day in the life’ as he maxes out his relaxes around hometown Edmonton in his Geo Metro. You’ll catch on soon enough. - yvynyl

Waking up with this song stuck on your head is certainly one of the best ways to wake up, no doubt about it. Renny Wilson’s debut LP serves up a healthy serving of funk-tinged disco pop, the kind that you can put on at any party and have everyone dance to. Sleek rhythms, airy vocals, and bright synths abound— this is 80s nostalgia pop done right. And if nothing else, Renny is undoubtedly one of the coolest dudes around (proof), so you’d be wise to want to get to know him a little better. – sixtythreecents

…a pop dream come true. -

As you set the atmosphere with lightly scented candles and make the bedroom feel sensual and inviting for you and your significant other, Renny Wilson (formerly known as Sugarglider) sets the mood with his seductive saxophones, funky bass lines and fetching vocals. The Edmonton disco-pop sensation serenades you with his smooth songs and before you know it, you’re enveloped in his sultry sound and swaying rhythm. There is no escaping the romance of Renny Wilson. -

This track has been playing over in my head ever since I first heard it and seeing as how it comes from latest addition to the illustrious digital/tape label Chill Mega Chill, it’s no surprise that I’m absolutely in love with it. – casette-rewind

Renny Wilson is Edmonton, Alberta music prodigy who has been involved in over 6 bands, sold out crowds, and released a vinyl all before he turned 23. 1970′s disco, 80′s cosmic vibe, and 90′s pop fuse together to create one of the most solid albums released this year. – windyandwarm

Stemming from a deep love of soft rock, Renny weaves together fatty bass licks, almost floating rhythms, air-like vocals, and when we’re lucky, a saxophone to sex things up a bit. From start to finish, Sugarglider is a full-fledged pop journey you will not soon forget. – portalsmusic

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“By and By”


“Could’ve It Been Me?”


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