Keeping Up With Miss World is a raw, 13 track power-pop, garage-party movie scene that plays out like a thumb numbing Instagram scroll fest. A teen-dream magazine collage, a multi-colored sonic mood board featuring torn up images of Ariel Pink, Kim Gordon, Clueless OOTDs, Madonna and Kim Kardashian smeared with gluestick goo.


MISS WORLD is the latest project from London-born pop-provocateur, Natalie Chahal.

Throughout her teens, Chahal toured Europe and UK extensively in various punk bands. She later became obsessed with YouTube and started to direct and edit music videos to accompany her bedroom demos. In 2017, she formed feminist punk duo Shit Girlfriend with her best mate, Laura-Mary Carter of Blood Red Shoes. Their debut 7” sold out on Record Store Day and a UK/European tour and festival dates followed the release.

In search of further inspiration, Natalie began couch-surfing across North America, honing her songwriting, production, editing and creative direction skills along the way. These travels inspired a new solo-endeavor, now affectionately known as Miss World, and her debut Waist Management EP that dropped on Cassette Store Day 2017 via Stockholm’s PNKSLM Recordings. i-D Magazine praised the EP as “a charming display of sun-drenched, lo-fi garage-pop. Playful, classic songwriting juxtaposed against a sharp lyrical satire on the millennial experience. So refreshingly of our generation — while some popstars still rely on hopelessly soppy romances to fuel their glossy concoctions, Miss World’s electric guitar-lined tracks inhabit the same sphere as the group Whatsapp in which you boomerang memes with your BFFLs.”

Chahal’s further travels resulted in several chance encounters with like-minded musicians that now comprise her revolving four-piece live band, infamously known as The Incorporated. Flanked by two blow-up dolls, bananas and a crown, Miss World’s live show is tastefully raucous, full of flare, and satisfyingly fantastic.

In 2018, Natalie returned to Toronto where she laid down the finishing touches on her 13-track debut LP, Keeping Up With Miss World. Enlisting underground legend Tony Price (US Girls, Michael Rault, Young Guv, Actual Water, Ice Cream, Burger Records) to co-produce, the record was mixed and mastered in an abandoned body building gym in Toronto’s East End. Miss World calls it her ‘audio/visual reality-show, a vlog-rock experience.’

Keeping Up With Miss World is set to drop on September 28, 2018 on PNKSLM Recordings.

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