Many Voices Speak

Featuring the dreamy singing and songwriting of Matilda Mård, Many Voices Speak follows her 2016 debut EP, Away for All Time, with the new album Tank Town due August 31.The majority of the album was written and recorded in the village By outside of Avesta, Sweden, where she currently resides.

Tank Town is a metaphor for the mental state that runs through the songs of the album. The perspective is more or less untethered from the ‘now’ and instead focused on what has been and what’s about to happen,” Mård explains.

“Discovering that pattern made me think of places where neither nature nor civilization are preserved, and I can’t help but feeling that the past and times to come shine most in that environment. What was built up once reveals a history but also someone’s dream to create something meaningful, even if it’s been left unfulfilled with time.”

Many Voices Speak’s evocative sense of nostalgia is pervasive here just as it helped define her 2016 debut EP. Crafted with producer Petter Nygårdh, the album’s musical compositions elicit similar contemplation — be it the airy simplicity of “Necessaries,” the swelling depth of “I Saw You” or the comforting intimacy of “Chances” — washing over listeners with honest acceptance and romantic absolution.

Mård adds: “I believe I’m driven by a desire to find new ways to describe the same old thing. There’s something calming and almost healing about someone describing the way one feels and maybe what we already know, but in different words. Findings are sometimes the best comfort, and that’s something I hope to share with Tank Town.”

Tank Town will be out Aug. 31, 2018 via Hit City U.S.A. and Strangers Candy.

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