Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice’s debut full-length, Eat You Up, out July 28, 2017 on Swoon Records! 

Olympia, Washington has a well known history as a mecca for burgeoning artists and musicians.  The band Fruit Juice has without a doubt, developed into the retro-glam darling of the college town’s music scene.  Now that half of the band resides in Seattle, their stature and influence is spreading to larger audiences.

Their first release, a five song EP titled Terra-Fi, showed us nostalgic elements of ’60s Psychedelic Pop, and ’70s era glam, while carrying us into a distinct, modern atmosphere of infectious energy, sparkling oddities, and 13 shades of eye shadow.  You can expect that and much more on Fruit Juice’s first full-length album, Eat You Up.  Recorded at Swoon Records with engineer Jeff Southard (Tangerine, Fauna Shade) and Bear Creek Studio with engineer Jerry Streeter (Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers, Secret Sisters) you can expect pristine production and fidelity, without missing any of their wild character.

Formed in 2013 when Jake McCaffray met Quillian Fennessy via mutual friends, the two fell into an instant and lasting friendship. The duo soon sought out members for a new project to bring McCaffray’s recorded music full circle to live performances.  After a couple of successful rhythm sections, they found bass player Gabriel Stranahan when he happened to be moving into a house owned by McCaffray’s father.  At Fisherman’s Village Music Festival, Fruit Juice met and befriended Brian Oborn, and two short years later they asked to him join the group on second guitar.  Soon after, they played on a bill with drummer James Dyer, and their mutual admiration for each other’s music, talent, and taste, led Dyer to join the band, creating the current and strongest line-up we’ve heard, or seen, from Fruit Juice.

The band, is now made up of Jake McCaffray on vocals and guitars, Quillian Fennessy on backing vocals and keys, Brian Oborn on Guitars, Gabriel Stranahan on bass, and James Dyer on drums. Fruit Juice have played a host of large venues along the West Coast, sharing stages with Rose Windows, Spaceface, Kithkin, Futurebirds, NAVVI, Hibou, Great Grandpa, Fauna Shade, and more. 

Fruit Juice has garnered well deserved praise and attention from Seattle’s own KEXP 90.3 FM, KALX (Berkeley), WSCB (Cleveland), and NWCZ (Tacoma), not to mention the video for their single “Terra-fi” was showcased at Video Oasis, a quarterly event hosted by KEXP DJ, Sharlese Metcalf.  


Previous Press:

‘’Olympia’s Fruit Juice remind me so much of of Montreal with their own twist on vocal experimentation and instrumentation.  They always have something fun happening in their songs – if it’s not hand claps, it’s a great beat with fun lyrics… [about Haunted] It’s a really great song, that’s part of a great release!’’  -DJ Sharlese from KEXP

‘’My needs were met when Fruit Juice, a band of self-proclaimed “eccentric-pop” rockers from Olympia, took the stage. Not only do their songs feel like a cool, tasty glass of fruit juice, but the band must spend more money on glitter than any group I’ve seen in a decade. ” – NadaMucho

“This psychedelic pop band reminiscent of early-early Pink Floyd would aid any acid or mushroom trip. They’re a combination of joy, mirage and youth.” – D-List Magazine

“…Fruit Juice are not only your spiritual advisers, but that they’re a fucking rad new band, and one to be paid attention before they take off into the sky, like a balloon left unattended.” – Tacoma Volcano


FJ FLAREFJ4FJdouble1fruitjuice-1-10Fruit Juice - Live1Fruit Juice - Live2

IMAGES: To download, click above. Photos 1-4 by Melissa Wax, live photos by Eric Luck.



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