Enemies are an experimental indie rock four-piece from Kilcoole, Ireland. Formed in 2007, Enemies have spent almost ten years writing, recording and producing their own records. Having toured Asia, North America and Europe, the band continues to develop their sound, remaining incredibly distinct within Ireland’s experimental music scene. Enemies surprise their listeners with every release by constantly tweaking and perfecting their own brand of intelligent, pop-infused rock, and latest single “itsallwaves” is no exception to this ethic. Not content to fit neatly into any particular category or sub-genre, Enemies are continuously evolving their sound into something that goes beyond the labels of math or post-rock.

Their new album entitled Valuables is the band’s third and final full length record. With the announcement that Enemies will dissolve after its release, Valuables documents a turbulent time for the band — an intense writing and recording process & touring life that would eventually lead the members to decide that their long-standing friendships are more valuable than anything else.

To come...