Electronic Anthology Project

After 2012’s release of “The Electronic Anthology Project Of Dinosaur Jr.” between Built To Spill tours Brett Nelson set out to find the next EAP, his manager and longtime friend Matt Eidson suggested Death Cab For Cutie which to Nelson seemed the perfect band to follow up EAP/DJR. Where Dinosaur Jr’s music had it’s pop elements buried beneath distortion and feedback so Nelson could pick and choose what to embellish, Death Cab For Cutie’s were right out in front, a challenge to Nelson to re-imagine the music but not try to play the hooks and melodies too blatantly.

Once Ben Gibbard agreed to the project Nelson spent the better part of the year making five demos and sending them to Gibbard to choose two for the final release. The results being “Soul Meets Body (off Plans from 2005) and “Champagne From A Paper Cup” (off Something About Airplanes from 1998). The two songs show DCFC’s diversity in playing and writing styles from their inception to the massive popularity they have achieved today.

“Of Death Cab For Cutie” is Nelson’s third release since The Electronic Anthology Project began in 2009 and is scheduled for release July 2nd, 2013 on colored 7″ vinyl and also as a digital two song bundle for download.

Nelson has already begun trying to get other artists to do the next EAP for 2014 and is still working with Doug Martsch for a vinyl release of the The Electronic Anthology Project Of Built To Spill on vinyl remastered with bonus tracks for future release.