Double Phelix

Double Phelix seeks to recast indie music with the vaunted model of the all-encompassing music production house. Like Motown, Gold Star, and Stax before it, Double Phelix enlists songwriters, performers, producers, and engineers to constantly create music. Building the model from the ground up in Kalamazoo, MI, Double Phelix has devoted years to perfecting a collaborative process that is determined to promote positivity and growth through the creative union of science and art.

“The Call of Double Phelix” collects 12 singles recorded over the first half of 2013. Analog production, lush instrumentation, hook-laden songs, and badass singers fuse the wide-arcing worlds of folk and psychedelia, soul and classical, country and rock. Double Phelix is not a band, it is a method. Convening daily at its studio, Double Phelix creates music that reflects an unending desire to explore and evolve.

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Double Phelix