There are two types of guys that get ass in Southern California. Jocks and rockers. And there was a time when Johnny Hernandez* was sitting at home with a bag of frozen peas on his knee, wishing he would have joined Béisbol  That’s because he saw them play that one time at the bowling alley. He knew right then that no state championship ring would ever lead him down his own journey of musical creativity. That in that process he would never discover himself and find love for his siblings like brothers Jeff and Ryan Burian have done over the course of making Béisbol a reality. It’s more than, “You play this and I’ll play that.” It’s “I do this and I can’t do that. Thank God my brother can.” It’s these kinds of realizations that have lead these two brothers to not only come together, but stay together. To travel together. To dream together and be broke together.

Jonny Hernandez once heard in Sunday school that it rains on the just and the unjust. At the time he wasn’t sure what that meant. Sometimes though, after work with some cheap beer, the same cheap beer the brothers Burian are drinking right at that very same moment, he checks out their Facebook page and thinks he might be starting to understand. That it took work to make people couple skate backwards that night at the roller rink. That even though he was jealous of all the spoils Béisbol received from the mirror ball lights that attached to every girl’s eye that evening, it’s possible right now they have peas on their knees too. That it’s possible sleeping in a van can be hard. That it’s possible to live off the dollar menu, while still dreaming of a million. And that’s pretty much what he said when he sent his first DM ever on Twitter. He sent it to @beisboltweeter. He sent it and said he always thought they were pussies, but one night, high as shit on some synthetic opiate that you tend to take when there’s not enough frozen food in the world to slow the pain, something on soundcloud struck him. And that if they were ever in town, it’d be rad if they could play the local Strawberry festival he and his brother just happened to start chairing recently.

*name has been changed by request–

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