Beat Awfuls

Beat Awfuls, of Lexington, KY, is the lo-fi rock & roll project of Boston ex-pat / musical factotum Dave Cave. Here, he is joined by drummer Amanda Sue and bassist Dr Paul. Although the album Nothing Happens is their first full-length release, they have spent the last several years quietly self-releasing seven EPs and compilations.

Starting off in Boston the early 2000’s as a 4 track bedroom recording project with a slew of limited edition self released CDRs, these early recordings were compiled and released as Beat Awfuls, People’s Champ Anthology 2005-2011 on the DIY pysch garage label Primordial Sounds. After moving with girlfriend and future Beat Awfuls drummer Amanda Sue Witbeck to Lexington KY, Dave self released 2 EPs, Party Slip and Hair To The Throne, before finally putting a live band together, with Paul Eldred on bass guitar. Together, the trio recorded the demo cassette tape Second Place which would be re-recorded and make up 4 of the 12 songs that appear on their first proper full length release Nothing Happens, featuring Skye Handler on guitar. Nothing Happens was recorded by Dave Cave and Skye Handler, at Dave & Amanda’s home in Lexington, KY, also known as CLUB SPLITS.

In the past year and half since the Beat Awfuls full band lineup was finally cemented, they have played over 70 shows, toured the United States and Canada (with two tours of the east coast, three mid west tours, one south east tour, one southern tour, and one canadian tour), recorded their first full length album Nothing Happens, signed to the indie label Jurassic Pop, and released a cassette tape with River Girls Records. They have grown as musicians and friends exponentially, with plans to tour as much as possible in 2016 to support their new record. They are also already writing their follow up full length album, with studio time booked for the last ten days of April 2016.

Sonically, it would be tempting to lump Beat Awfuls in with other trendy rock revivalists like Ty Segall or White Fence. But, while their Castle Face cousins draw heavily from 60s psych and pop, Beat Awfuls owe more to troubadours like Neil Young or Lee Hazlewood than to Syd Barrett or The Kinks. Their brand of rock and roll is simultaneously visceral and intimate. Great for long smoke sessions, or for dangerous motorcycle death-races. These are torch songs for medicated youth.

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Beat Awfuls
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