Agua Viva is the music project created by Josi Arias, expressing the mystery of tropical nights, timeless pop songs in Spanish, dream revelations, eclipses and moon spells.

A trip of self discovery, El Hechizo de la Luna, which translates to The Spell of the Moon, is a correlation between the inner and outer world, understanding the influences of planetary systems over us. Some of the lyrics were revealed in dreams, it is the discovery of an inner universe expressed outwardly. A moon spell puts us under its influence-whether we have cast it or not. Both what the moon reveals and what it hides from us is what Agua Viva searched for spiritually and musically for her upcoming LP.

Arias originally got her start in the Buenos Aires underground music scene before moving to New York around the time of the release of her debut album as Agua Viva in 2017, Piece of Water. For her sophomore release, she found herself going back to the music from her years growing up in Argentina, from South American folk music, tropicalia like Astrud Gilberto and Gal Costa, Spanish 80’s pop like Mecano and Antena, to rock music icons like Charly Garcia.

Influenced by eighties Latin pop singers and her playful freedom to move from heart-breaking melancholy to cheesy emotions, El Hechizo de la Luna is an album that combines Arias’ take on her new found love of pop set against her own raw, whimsical, and dissonant background that she developed with her former band Los Cripis. With the help of contemporary electronic female producer Hara Kiri, the result is dreamy, gothic, romantic, tropical pop record with the energy of an eclipse!

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IMAGES: To download, click above. Credit to Florencia Albarado (for the red hued image) and Valeria Divinorum (for the image holding the crystal).