“Seattle indie rockers Great Grandpa are following their 2017 debut album Plastic Cough with their sophomore album, Four of Arrows, on October 25 via Double Double Whammy, as the band discussed in a new Stereogum feature, they took a very intentional leap from the raw, DIY indie rock sounds of their debut for this new album.“ More HERE


“Onda” is a sparkling psych-pop stunner full of blurred neon synths, fogged vocals and an insistent beat that pushes the song along with a hypnotic shake. The band’s named after the Gauxe bird that lives in the forests of Brazil near where the artist’s recorded, inspired by the bird’s otherworldly synth-like call. Definitely a track that should appeal to those in the mood for some downtempo grooves from Temples or offshoots of Beta Band, Lone Pigeon.“ Watch HERE


“Mono no aware—roughly translated as “the pathos of things”—is a Japanese concept that expresses impermanence and the passage of time. It’s the humbling realization that nothing lasts forever, that evolution and change are inevitable. Seattle’s Great Grandpa embrace this understanding in “Mono No Aware,” the melancholy lead single from their upcoming second record, Four of Arrows.“ Listen HERE


“NIGHTCALLERS is the brainchild of Ben Clark, aka Ben Lashes, once lead singer for Seattle rockers the Lashes, and Seattle-based producer-composer Phil Peterson. They worked on their album “Who Calls at Night” (out Friday) with another well-known Seattleite, producer John Goodmanson(Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab for Cutie, Wolf Parade, Blonde Redhead, among others). Their debut LP comes out tomorrow, hear the title track and read more about the duo HERE


“On the road to the release of his new record Window Rock, Micah Nelson, AKA Particle Kid has had mentors of mythological status. A member of Neil Young’s backing band, Promise of the Real, Micah has absorbed Young’s audiophilic attention to detail in each recording of the songs nine tracks…as well as the legend’s noise-weaving guitar wizardry. The beautifully curated chaos Micah honed under Young’s tutelage is bolstered by his expert song-craft which one can’t help but think was passed down from his father, Willie Nelson.” Watch HERE


Visions Mag says about the album: “The result is a dense amalgam of Noiserock, the postcore of the modern Dischord school and surprisingly harmonious, polyphonic singing.” Check out “Skeleton” and “Lunger” HERE


Then I Try Some More is a gorgeous bedroom lo-fi rendering of mid-century blues, jazz, and pop (Sternberg is a huge Scott Joplin fan) that carves out a middle ground between Daniel Johnson and Randy Newman; the piano introduction to “Nothing Makes My Heart Sing” would’ve sounded at home on the latter’s 1972 masterwork Sail Away.” Listen HERE


“I wrote this song while I was hanging out with my friend Felix Lemerle, [who] is an amazing guitarist and composer,” they explain. “I was trying to make him laugh and annoy him at the same time, and it worked! While I was doing imitations of singers and improvising silly melodies and lyrics and playing guitar, the entire song came out of me all at once.” The video was drawn by Sternberg and animated by friend Harry Rubin-Falcone, “a visual artist, animator, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist” with whom they attended kindergarten and LaGuardia High School. Check it out HERE


“L.A. band Death Valley Girls are following up last year’s Darkness Rains with new single “Dream Cleaver” which throws a little new wave (and saxophone) into the group’s goth-garage-punk sound. While the title may have some thinking of Gary Wright’s mid-’70s prog pop hit, Death Valley Girls are trying to crack into their minds with some help from a noted (and departed) psychonaut.” Listen and check out their updated tour dates HERE