"I overheard a number of people remarking how they knew they’d just seen their favorite set of the weekend, then there were the others who just trotted past with the contented shit-eating grin you only get when you’ve had your pants damn near ripped off by the rock and roll canon that is Fox and The Law."

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Who loves The Growlers? We do. Who else loves The Growlers? Everybody else. That’s why announcing information like this is an easy job, because all you little growlin’ howlers are gonna eat it up like apple pie.”

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You’re super popular in Mexico. Why do you think your sound has done well there? Cause we love Mexico and we’ve spent a lot of time there growing up. Surfing and partying. It’s been a giant influence on me.

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I stopped at a Deli to get some lunch, and the cashier was telling me about it. She said the sky was super black and ominous, and she watched the “sky roll up”.  That’s where I got the idea for the sky being rolled up like an oriental rug, which I thought was visual and kind of funny.”

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"Genders close out the night. Their national tour last year with Built to Spill was followed by a debut album, which has caused much a flutter. Maggie Morris’s warblings are enough to make you feel… anything she wants to make you feel - an intoxicating control in a front person. With exciting syncopation experimentation, Katherine Paul’s drumming skills are wicked. A kind of New Wave sound, I cannot wait to see if it translates into live performance, and from what I am told it is irrefutable."

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This moment shocks with the revelation that pre-existing expectations may color but can’t guide the experience of listening to Prime; the guiding principle (that is, the film) is somewhere out of sight, directing rather than attracting focus in an inversion of the typical soundtrack/image relationship.”

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This song can help you get over your end-of-summer blues and teleport you back to that time you took a vacation a few months ago and felt #free and had a lot of belly laughs and didn’t think about work or check your email for like two days.”

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But digging deeper reveals an impressive eclecticism—from the melted guitar spasms of “Downer” to the spiraling, dual-guitar break on the lovely “Pac Ambition,” from the doo-wop churn of “Patsy” to the classic-rock chorus of “Something Else.” There’s a playful sense of exploration on Saturnalia Regalia!, as the band saunters haphazardly through styles and tempos—all of them glued together by a stoned smirk.”

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