““Hold My Hand” is as warm as happy tears on a cheek, the mist of emotion that leaps from some deep, dark well inside your being. It’s authentically Maggie Gently, even as she springs into the glistening sunshine to leave her sorrow back in the shadows. In her willingness to break free, her songwriting has considerably blossomed.”


Dummy’s ‘Mandatory Enjoyment’ included in Bandcamp’s Essential Releases today, who calls it “Easily one of the year’s best records.”


“Just back from the states, we caught up with Romano to discuss Cobra Poems, his constant musical shapeshifting, the creative loss of memory, and recent praise from Bob Dylan.”


“Dummy’s "Daffodils” is a groovy refinement of the LA band’s influences — namely, the unclassifiable and impossibly cool pop music of Stereolab, Broadcast and Silver Apples — set against trebly guitar jangle, droning organ, slyly funky drums and conversational vocals between Nathan O'Dell (formerly of the Baltimore dream-pop band Wildhoney) and Emma Maatman.“


New Album ‘Mirke vs. The Dreamy LLC’ arrives Dec. 3rd on Swoon Records


“The video for their latest single “Pluck Me” is a spiral of anxiety mixed with the group’s patented celebration of the power of unapologetic femininity and friendship. We see the group go through the club, do choreographed movements in a conversation pit, and ultimately escape in the open air at dawn in a wild celebration of freedom.” RIPcumgirl8 is out October 22nd. http://altcitizen.com/watch-cumgirl8-pluck-me/