“Unlike many of their new weird compeers, Sunburned Hand of the Man is still putting out excellent music. But Headdress was definitely one of the first standouts in their absolutely labyrinthine hundred-plus record discography. And it is wonderful to have such a great sounding version of it available again.“




Gold Dust spins out gossamer trails of folk rock, a whipped cream daydream of cosmic cowboy reveries that may remind you of the Beachwood Sparks or Garcia Peoples, depending how hard Stephen Pierce happens to be knocking it out just then.”


“Romano has released a staggering 16 albums in the past three years as a solo artist, with his whip-crack backing band the Outfit and with various collaborative projects. This fall, he and the Outfit released their most ambitious album to date with La Luna, a prog-infused rock opera that exudes the confidence of a true rock ’n’ roll technician working at the height of his powers.“



“I’m just gonna come right out and say it: This is the best one. 

Everyone can go ahead and disagree with me, and dig in their heels re: their sentimental attachment to Mountain RockSkulls Example, or the Three States compilation (and don’t get me wrong, I love those albums). But time will be the ultimate authority, and when we’re all old, and/or whenever our fanbase reaches middle age, which could take quite a while since the majority of them appear to be quite young (the analytics support this), or whenever we’re all dead and these recordings are basically forgotten, but then some esoteric reissue label in 2090 will discover them while sifting through the dusty corners of Spotify or whichever streaming service (or futuristic music-playing platform we haven’t thought of) is dominant then, that’s when people will agree with me.”


The Western Massachusetts musician Stephen Pierce is releasing his second album as Gold Dust, The Late Great Gold Dust, in a couple of weeks. He’s been pairing each new song from it with a cover…His scratchy, pastoral “Mountain Laurel” is accompanied by his take on Gene Clark’s “In A Misty Morning.”
The Late Great Gold Dust is out 11/4 via Centripetal Force Records.


Throughout their winding discography, Mason has made it their artistic prerogative to explicitly explain and outline the anxieties and ecstasies formative to their creative work, and on REWRITE THE WORDS AGAIN, that excavation is more striking than ever. 8/10


Breanna says: “​​Transformational moments when you are weaning off of someone or something can often feel very shaky, scary & even psychedelic at times. The word psychedelic literally means ‘mind revealing’ - which I think is what is happening when the subconscious is revealing something to the conscious mind, that it’s time for a change.”

Check out the song and video below. Nothin’ But Time is out everywhere on November 11th via Fuzz Club Records.


“If there are two things you can count on from Chicago based Ganser, it is stellar musicianship and extremely interesting visuals.”


Gold Dust shares “Larks Swarm A Hawk” & “Virtute The Cat Explains Her Departure” (The Weakerthans Cover), courtesy of Stereogum!

Next month, Stephen Pierce is releasing his second album as Gold Dust, which is called The Late Great Gold Dust. He’s pairing each advance track from it with a cover - check out this latest pairing today!