“Purely instrumental to the extent that singer Georgia Carbone croons a language of her own invention, guitarist/synthesist Jeffrey Alexander and Dire Wolves continue to explore the “higher dimensions of cosmic free-rock” on Grow Towards the Light, their fourth official album of extemporaneous ecstasy.” Read HERE


“In the instrumental track “Saturday,” the duo’s synths buzz and bounce around like the cogs in a whirring machine. Bluebird is out July 23 on Psychic Hotline.“ Listen to the track HERE


Cy Dune serves as the stage name of Seth Olinsky of the now defunct Akron/Family. While the music of his former group resides somewhere at the intersection of noise, new age, free jazz and rock ’n’ roll, Cy Dune is rooted in the raw power of guitar and drums — where proto-punk beats blast, and early rock ’n’ roll dances over layered drum riffs. It’s like Teen Wolf fronting The Starlighters – it is hairy but it’s the future!” More from Seth HERE


The Stranger calls the track “the album’s most explosive and euphoric moment, all the more potent for rising out of the prevailing gorgeous languor.” Check it out HERE // Their debut self-titled LP comes out Sept. 20th on Drawing Room Records!


“Listening to Joanna Sternberg is like listening to a close friend confess insecurities and experiences. Trust feels implicit, as Sternberg’s gentle vocals reach out for connection. Lyrics like “Anyone who’s watching knows you’re too beautiful for me” (From “Step Away”) and the self-awareness of “You Have Something Special” —  on which Sternberg imparts “I’ve been singing sad songs too. I’ve been hurting just like you” — dive into the complexity of longing. Sternberg plays all the instruments on the record, furthering the sense that what you are experiencing is diaristic, working to fight loneliness.“ More HERE


“Toumai is a nickname of the ancient human ancestors called Sahelanthropus, and it means ‘Hope of life’ in the word of Chad,” De Lorians tell The FADER via email. “And this song shows the form of our interpretation of spiritual jazz, space rock.” Watch the video for “Toumai” HERE


Unlike previous records in Staples’ discography, which have tended towards the melancholy and heartbreaking, Holy Moly is an optimistic look at the world that projects the notion that maybe, just maybe, things can get better.

Staples and his roommate/Barsuk Records colleague Adam MacKinnon stopped by the KEXP studios to chat about the making of the record, leaving Seattle, and giant hyper-intelligent lizards. Read and Listen HERE


“As a band who admit to oversharing, it’s no surprise that their track-by-track guide comes with stories of jacking off and cybersex. This unflinching honestly is what makes ‘Cut Your Teeth’ our album of the week. Listen and read the track descriptions HERE


Cut Your Teeth is a rare fusion of focused anger and unadulterated dejection; Necking are a punk band, but above all else, they’re convincing and relatable.“ Read the full review HERE!