“these songs gradually reveal the wisdom it takes to understand the past is rarely as grand as we once imagined and that spiritual and emotional growth require letting go.” Check out the full list here!


GoldFlakePaint calls lead single, “Rosie’s Comin Home” a “stark and stripped-back beauty.” Listen to it here. Azalea Days out Feb 10th on Crystal Pistol Records.


Stereogum shares this “easygoing lope,” from their upcoming debut LP “Useless Smile” - Check it out HERE! Useless Smile comes out January 20th on Shrimper. 


The title track from their upcoming LP is “a bare-bones punk break-up anthem that marries fuzzy guitar with singer-songwriter Autumn Wetli’s crooning: "The game of love is just for fools.” The rose-tinted glasses are definitely off—just in time for cuffing season.“ Check out the full list HERE!


“It’s a time when I think we’re all conditioned to want something sweet to transpire and to have a redemptive evening, or just a time of reflection and connection with other people,” David tells Paste over the phone. “And it’s so hard to come by that. It’s hard to make those connections with people and to not have them be messed up because they’re offended that you can’t sleep on the mattress at their house so you gotta get a hotel.” Read the full interview HERE