“On this one, Bachman’s guitar sounds distant and muted, and it shares muffled, impersonal clanks and hums. It sounds like the sounds of a decaying country working to drown out ghosts of music.” Listen HERE  // Axacan is out 5/7 on Three Lobed Recordings.


“Washington’s newest buzz band Enumclaw earns national praise before playing first show…” Read & listen HERE


LAPÊCHE chats with co-producer, J. Robbins for The Talkhouse ahead of their amazing album release Blood In The Water is out 04/09 on New Granada Records!

Read & listen HERE


Lou says about the album: “This album is me really opening up, and the album follows that through its many different themes,” Barlow says. “Some of my other work could be almost claustrophobic in its insistence on being all tied together but there’s space for people to live inside these songs.” Watch the video via Stereogum HERE


“Take a walk into an icy landscape, through a dark forest, under the watchful gaze of invisible predators. Let the dreamy sounds of MØAA lead you to where life begins and ends–in the cold ground.” - CVLT Nation. Listen HERE!


Stereogum premiered the LP yesterday, saying “Over the course of a dozen songs, Riggs taps into a somber meditative vibe that rarely lets up no matter how often the instrumentation shifts. A couple years ago, upon the release of their GODKILLER album, Riggs was describing their aesthetic as “Sad Queer Songs and Sometimes Angry Queer Songs.” That still tracks, but the new album brims with a certain contented warmth, too, embodied by the domestic scene Riggs paints on “Long Light Mantle.” It’s a reminder that there are many different ways to sigh.” Check it out HERE!


“TENGGER was the most magical of all the performances I watched — and also the one that worked best on a screen and would have been hardest to imagine in a noise-filled venue.” Watch their SXSW video HERE


Enumclaw wrestle with survivor’s guilt while looking back at the small town lifestyle they moved away from and that others get trapped by. “I don’t want to be a loser,” vocalist Aramis wails over a wall of lo-fi guitar, echoing a thousand misfits before him. The band’s Jimbo Demo EP is out April 30.

Read & listen HERE.


“Without You” is the latest, subtle glimpse into Moods’ forthcoming new EP (So Sweet), which acts as the first half of a brand new LP (So Sweet, So Nice) to be released later this year. Listen HERE // So Sweet EP arrives April 16th via Arbutus Records.