Josh Salter and Seamus Dalton’s guitar interplay often dips into the prog rock realm, songs are punctuated by little sonic surprises like the doo wop break on “Candleholder” or the Sonic Youth-heavy guitar freakouts on “Downer,” and the odd effects they run their guitars through (maybe a janky old chorus pedal?) give the album a slightly otherworldly feel.”

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Due out August 19th through his longtime label Asthmatic Kitty, Decimation Blues isn’t as bleak as its title suggests but it does sound like it’s on the brink of a sonic breakdown. “My Girl Comes to the City,” for one, flash fries its folk-leaning foreground with smart-bombed keyboards, head-on harmonies, and split-screened samples.”

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"“Weak Knees,” the lead single, exists in the same universe as Waxahatchee’s folk-tinged quarter-life-crisis indie rock, and Cohen’s stated influences Pavement and Land Of Talk are evident in the way the band sets striking vocals and dancing high-end guitar riffs against a loping mid-tempo groove. Cohen’s voice sounds killer when she’s reaching for the rafters, too."

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"(Sat, 7:45 pm, Neumos Stage) If it’s rock you’re looking for, you should probably check out Fox and the Law. Everything about this band seems to be braided together from rock-and-roll history, from Guy Keltner’s Mick Jagger–esque mouth to their fuzzy T. Rex guitar licks and the wailing bluesy instrumental breakdowns that hit occasional Led Zeppelin–y peaks. They’re young, they’re pretty, and they’re going places."

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I have nothing against iPods, I’m not sure I could survive my work day without one. But when I get home, and I really want to listen to music, I always prefer the tradition of putting on a record. WIth everything moving so fast outside, it’s nice to take the time to play a record. It feels like a small amount of devotion to repay what music gives me.”

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Monomyth's Saturnalia Regalia! gets a lovely review from CMJ!:

"Monomyth has clearly mastered the art of experimentation, albeit within a confine of eight songs that are equally distinguishable as they are enjoyable."


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