Read Jenn Wasner (Flock of Dimes) and Tōth’s conversational exchange via Aquarium Drunkard!

While many artists play it close to the chest, these two collaborators specialize in emotional honestly, and tellingly, when they get together the conversation tends to get deep quickly, as was the case in a recent exchange about creative practice, acceptance, meditation podcasts, the music industry hustle, and much more. Read HERE


PASTE includes Wednesday’s “Handsome Man” single in their Great Records You May Have Missed: May 2021 column!

“With a steady stream of cheerful, blowtorched guitars and vocals so sweet you can practically hear the smiles on their faces, this song is a certified mood-boosting joyride.” More HERE


Brooklyn Vegan asks 2nd Grade’s Peter Gill about 10 LP’s that influenced their upcoming album Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited

Philly indie rock musician Peter Gill’s project 2nd Grade is releasing a new full-band, studio-recorded version of his 2018 “demo” album Wish You Were Here Tour – titled Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited – on June 25 via Double Double Whammy (pre-order). Ahead of the release, we asked Peter about some other albums that influenced Wish You Were Here Tour and he picked 10, seven of which are by The Beach Boys. His list, with commentary on each pick, is HERE


Sunstrom Sound releases new, propulsive electronic LP STORMSPACE today!

Out digitally and on limited edition gold vinyl; STORMSPACE is the solo electronic project of Seattle’s Jason Holstrom. Listen HERE!


Cincinnati OH’s Sungaze is back with a dreamy video for “Storm Chaser” // Off upcoming new LP ‘This Dream’ out Aug. 13th!

“As is to be expected from a band called Sungaze playing a song called “Storm Chaser”, it’s a grandiose and elemental affair, with plenty of windswept guitars and overwhelming waves of beautiful sound.” Watch below and read more via Beats Per Minute HERE


The Alternative reviews “Always,” the latest single from “Skirts”!

“Always” is a masterpiece. The first single from her debut full length, Great Big Wild Oak, the track is inviting, intimate, and temporal. Montenegro has crafted something that captures the feeling of staring into thick fog, it’s bright and overwhelming, your mind has to keep trying to readjust, but it’s exciting. Read more HERE


Check out nasimiYu’s “P O T I O N S” Track by Track courtesy of FLOOD!

“Some tracks simmer, while others bubble with transcendent clapping and a wandering bass line. nasimiYu showcases her vast musical knowledge—an integral part of the music scene in NYC and New Orleans, participating in bands Baeb Rxxth, Sharkmuffin, and Kalbells.” Read the track x track HERE


The FADER shares Skirts’ new single “Always” from Great Big Wild Oak, out July 30 on Double Double Whammy!

“These songs surprise in subtle ways, with xylophone, pedal steel, banjo, and clarinet emerging at unlikely moments. Her voice is clearer too, further forward in the mix, allowing her to guide a song without trying to overpower it. For all of the textures and colors and gentle left turns on Great Big Wild Oak, there’s still a beautiful lucidity to Montenegro’s ideas.” Give a Listen HERE!


Read & listen HERE.

Poise’s debut album, Vestiges will be self-released on July 30.