“This EP by the South Korean indie-rock band Say Sue Me refracts holiday music through several different unexpected lenses. “Out of Bed” is morbidly downtempo — it sounds like seasonal affective disorder. “After This Winter” is a slowcore lament about dark winter nights. And the title track is a rousing surf-rock number that exuberantly calls into question why people even bother singing about Santa at all: “Christmas, yeah, it’s not a biggie/It’s not your birthday/Wonder why people look so excited.” More HERE!


“Another bright spot in 2018 was ‘discovering’ Say Sue Me, a straightforward but constantly fun and rewarding indie-pop band from Busan, South Korea. That is, if your idea of fun includes room for sadness and darkness.” AND “The eight songs on Boys’ Rest in Peace have cinematic presence, the right mix of sadness and romance, gorgeous tender singing, and the rush of grand pop singles, the kind I’d love to hear emerge from a jukebox in a bar, come across the radio airwaves unexpectedly, or, basically, come out of the shadows and play loudly at any point in my everyday life.“ More HERE


“Their second album, Like Memory Foam, darts in and out of the personal and political. Breakup songs mingle with calls for the obliteration of the old guard, and didi treat both subjects with the same swirling mix of gravitas and irreverence. Interpersonal frustrations and political oppressions both cause suffering, after all; the body buckles in the same way no matter the source of the pain.“ Read the full review HERE


In celebration of their new album, didi took some time to chat with TGE about the record, the importance of using your platform, and sandwiches. Find the interview, and a Guest Mix HERE


“Listen for the twangs. The little disruptions on Ghost Forests, the collaborative debut from Meg Baird of Espers and Heron Oblivion and the harpist Mary Lattimore, offer a key into its soul. On the surface, the album is gorgeous, soothing, delicate; you could soak in a bathtub while it plays. But beneath that placid surface, little explosions and rustlings abound.” More HERE


“The way we communicate and experience the world now is told so much through pictures we see on screens throughout our day. Pictures that are perfectly composed, edited to be flawless, with the intention of jumping out at you and holding your attention, as well as everyday, unflattering, trivial life occurrences. Somewhere amongst the bombardment of it all is the truth. This video, in its way, is a reaction to that bombardment.” Watch HERE!


“Muerde” is one of two songs on the album sung in Spanish. Kevin Bilapka-Arbelaez handles lead vocals on this one, which tackles the death of the “American Dream.” One key lyric, “Una araña en la sombra me araña el hombro mientras duermo, y me envenena el sueño,” translates to “A spider in the darkness bites me as I sleep and poisons my dream.” The musical backdrop is as tumultuous and ever-shifting as the cultural environment he’s bemoaning.” More HERE


“The track begins in Spanish with anguished vocals that beg you to listen. It then shifts, as a deep bass booms against ticking percussion; the band seemingly challenging the idea of indifference : “all I ever wanna hear is what you never wanna say.” The line seems almost a dare, a shot at listeners or whoever is listening to care, to take a stand.” Listen HERElike memory foam - out November 23rd on Damnably.


“This mini-LP amplifies the best in each artist. It’s great to hear Lattimore’s elegant tunefulness carried by Baird’s voice — a perfect match, ethereal but earthy.” See more HERE