“I love the still and mild winters we have in Texas, where it’s rare but not unheard of to be warm enough some days to swim. For the past few years, I’ve been going out to West Texas at the end of December for New Years. It is an energetic and reflective place to consider the passing year and the new one ahead. This playlist is inspired by December in Texas, long drives out to the desert, and the West Texas landscape.”

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Singer Brooks Neilson really flexed his lyrical biceps on this record, too. He somehow managed to make surf rock sound sad, and it resonated with me, particularly the song “Magnificent Sadness.” Can you tell I was depressed this year?”

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"In addition to their trademark sound – strained gravelly vocals, guitar twang, warm organ tones, reverb – the band flirts with both the elements of dance music and the virtues of crisper mixing, which make for an impressive sonic evolution for the beach goths. But don’t worry – that much-loved hangover grit is still there; it’s just taken the time to brush its teeth and put on some pants."

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"Catcalls," from Alex Napping’s excellent This Is Not a Bedroom LP, is about booty calls, though the way frontwoman Alex Cohen describes it recalls a midnight feral cat fight. Over bright waves of guitars, Cohen perfectly articulates the emotional turmoil of those late-night trysts”

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While the track definitely emphasizes a triumphant axe amid a sea of swirling psychedelics, what’s more beguiling is the lyrical content. Leaving behind the dense vignettes of this year’s Celebrations LP, Sprïng shifts its gaze inward with an intriguing tale of harrowing emotions and life-affirming acid trips.”

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These are the kinds of songs and reflections that make you feel nothing but gratitude for every precious moment of your miraculous little life. Just a perfectly composed album of remarkable beauty.”

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"The Mowgli boys have been busy this year making cooler and cooler stuff. Stuff that makes us want to party and play in the sand all night long, so we’ll be the first ones out in the water for dawn patrol.”

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With sparse and somber notes, “This Woman Here” begins with the low rumbling drums and naked chords of a mournful procession. The trials of past-partings and present tribulations are sung with woe from the ravages of the worlds and wanton deeds of others. Refrigerator takes the ice cold freeze of a break-up ballad, and strips every individual element down to it’s maudlin core.”

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"Chris Staples, "Dark Side Of The Moon" A tear-jerker ode to fatherhood that leaves you feeling grateful for every precious moment of your stupid little life.”

"Mimicking Birds, "Bloodlines" The more closely you examine this slinky, sinister wonder, the more mysterious and alluring it gets.”

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