From their forthcoming album ‘Desert Center’ out August 4th! “Area 69″ is energetic and fun, taking cues from new-wave rockers like The B-52’s who take pride in having a good time onstage. Listen ad pre-order the album HERE!


“For Close the Circle I used a Roland Studio Capture interface with a pair of Summit Audio 2BA-221 tube mic pres in front. I did a good amount of research to find a good vocal mic for myself (female, generally a quiet singer) and am in love with the Peluso 22 251 vacuum tube mic I scored from Reverb.com. Chris Common tracked drums on three of the songs, and mixed the entire album. He works out of an incredible private studio in El Paso, but I’ve taken an oath of secrecy about the gear contained within.“ More HERE


From Tomo’s upcoming album ‘Pieces of Sky’ out Sept. 8th!
“For Seattle songwriter Tomo Nakayama, meaning and connection—within what he calls a "broken world"—come both from what’s there right in front of us as well as what’s in absence. Displayed through Nakayama’s signature dulcet vocals along with guitars that sound like chiming bells, the songwriter’s new single, "Bright and Blue,” offers a picture of what’s important: a roaming natural world without anything other than that which bonds a dear, loving relationship.“


“The vibe on the cycle of nine love songs is kind of like what you get from throwing on a purple leather jacket from the ‘80s, the kind with the crazy shoulders and perforations in the leather. Yes, it’s over the top but you also look awesome. You can’t help but smile a little, and other people are going to smile too. They won’t be able to help it.“ Read and Listen HERE!


“As a producer, SassyBlack (whose real name is Catherine Harris-White) has always favored beats that sound inspired by the pre-Ableton era: echoey air-snares, synth bass, lo-fi aesthetic. In terms of production, the concept behind New Black Swing seems to focus, rather than limit, her expression.” Read more HERE


Half Waif and Pinegrove’s Nandi Rose Plunkett wrote a piece on sexism in the music industry for Esquire. “For too long we have been told what a woman should and shouldn’t be. I want it all, to embody the multitudes of possibility. And at the end of the day, I want to sit inside my room and dance with the task of knowing myself. After all, I’m just a being who loves music, looking to turn down the rest of the noise.” Read in entirety HERE


Their lead single “Make a Move” “hits every possible sweet spot, and you can’t help but keep playing it over and over. Each repeated spin reveals another element that dazzles and delights.” Listen HERE!


“Toth’s spare lines still keep you listening and wondering, reeling you in to music that starts out gently lyrical and ends up as immersive as the sea.” More HERE


“…the video is a buffet of perilously tempting tactile sensations, featuring the band touching dripping candle wax and a prickly cactus, and dipping their hands into a vat of gooey glitter slime….It’s a fitting visual treatment for a song that deals with the strange and mutable enigma of attraction.” Hoop’s debut Super Genuine is out now. Watch “Drawn To You” HERE.