New album Bullies will be out on March 13th via Freakout Records. Listen to the single HERE


“On his sophomore LP Kyle Forester (Crystal Stilts, Ladybug Transistor, Woods) finds himself enmeshed in worn-in comfort and cracked bittersweet soul. It’s easy to feel the warmth of the record from the glow of “Know What You’re Doing,” but there’s more at work here than just a hummable melody. The song bends in the breeze, soaks in the late autumn sun, but it also sighs with an aged soul that’s quietly restless. The song has an ache to it that’s hard to shake. For all the auburn shimmers, the song has a lonesome shadow that trails long behind it – tied up with age and doubt.“ More HERE


Forester will follow up 2016’s self-titled debut this year with a new one called Hearts In Gardens. Its lead single and opening track is out today, a gleaming, languid roots rocker called “Know What You’re Doing” that sounds like Real Estate covering Jackson Browne. Listen HERE


“Alien tells of a visitation,” the band explain. “It is a prediction of what may and can occur when contact from outer space is made and time is revealed.” The band also directed a video to accompany the song, inspired by potentially extraterrestrial events that took place in Taos back in the summer…” Watch HERE // Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico is out via Labrador Records on 14th February.


“Unlike her 2018 debut Quit the Curse, which bristled with alt-rock angst and fuzzy guitar hooks, If You’re Dreaming — announced this morning and out April 3 on Polyvinyl — is a somnambulant record, drifting from dream to restless dream and buoyed by Burch’s patient melodies and glassy voice. Half of the album was written in the immediate aftermath of Quit The Curse — even “Party’s Over,” in which she sings so clearly about being exhausted — with the other half pieced together from iPhone fragments last winter.“ Read the interview and watch her new video HERE


Listen and watch Anna’s new video (directed by Anna with Ben Collins as director of photography and handling editing and color)!
Anna has also announced a tour, including several dates with Long Beard, one of which is in NYC at The Dance on April 10. Tickets for that show will be on sale soon. All dates (including SXSW) are listed HERE


“Powered by the creative genius of of Brazilian-born, Italian/English-raised Lau Ro (on guitar and vocals), the group are gearing up to release a new record ‘Earthsong of Silence’ in April. New single ‘Shade’ gives a bit of a flavour of what to expect from what promises to be an eclectic project.“ Listen to the track HERE


“Inspired in part by the writing of Danish poet Inger Christensen, Interplay is said to bring together a “warming combination of synths, field recordings, and backing instrumentation.” First song “Limitless” arrives today alongside the album announcement, and can be heard HERE // Interplay arrives January 31 through Crash Symbols.


“The band, comprising Goodwin, Menne, Cam LaFlam on drums, Dylan Hanwright on guitar, and Carrie Goodwin (currently on touring hiatus as she finishes school) on bass, worked hard on Four of Arrows, often building out songs with multiple distinct parts and melodic structures. The foursome spent the majority of a recent interview after their show in Brooklyn dissecting the intricacies of that process: explaining how fragments of verses and bridges from various voice memos ended up getting rejiggered and combined into the 11 songs that make up the album.“ Read HERE