Restraint is but a relative thing and with Chinese Fountain, the Growlers do their damnedest to turn barely over a month of composing and recording into a cohesive missive on what they ultimately want: a distinct sound that is unmistakably their’s through and through, be it beach goth or any heap of genres. Let them be the Growlers. It’s a great sound indeed.”

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"Fox And The Law’s set was a shot of pure adrenaline-fuelled fun. Irresistible songs; boundless energy; a lead guitarist randomly pulled offstage and held aloft by the crowd while having his nipples tweaked mid-solo; and a not-to-be-outdone crowdsurfing frontman who wound up walking on the ceiling all made this an unforgettable showing."

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He nestles these woes inside bright, rolling, ’60s-inspired jangle-pop (the Daily Texanshorthanded it as a mix between Roy Orbison and Pavement) for a song so bright and radiant you’d never guess there was trouble brewing in its verses.”

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Alex Napping’s This Is Not A Bedroom is out September 23rd, 2014 on Punctum Records. In the mean time Alex Napping has released Weak Kneesan incandescent single that exemplifies the group’s pop grooves and clever lyrics.”

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Listening to Tremendous Hem by Kind Cousin, the solo project of songwriter Allison Bohl DeHart, seems like the proper thing to do as fall approaches. Like the season, this debut album (released this week by MA’AM Records) has a certain chill, but there’s something comforting and cozy about it, too.”

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Further displayed an acuity for the violence of American shoegaze, speedy pop-jangle chords bisected with a diagonal slash of off-key destruction every other measure.”

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In our darkest hours, time seems to slow to an excruciating crawl. The mind races, desperate to find something to hold onto, while our whole sense of time, space, or even reality becomes warped. It’s an unsettling but familiar feeling captured beautifully in a new video for the Chris Staples song “Hold Onto Something.”“

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