Stream the new lush single “Breathe” from Club 8 on Brooklyn Vegan. They also premiere a remix of the track by Pallers and say, “Pallers take “Breathe” into even more late night territory, dialing it back to an ambient hush.” The track is taken from Golden Island, Club 8′s 10th album due out in early 2018 on Labrador Records. Listen HERE


The Strombo Show presents Partner in their debut radio session from the home of George Stroumboulopoulos to celebrate their album, In Search Of Lost Time! Watch Here


“There are unique occasions when a piece of music is so personal and moving that any of my words seem insufficient. This proves especially true in “Weaks”, the title track from Deathlist’s upcoming EP out 10/6 on XRAY Records.”


Her third album Doom-Wop is out this Friday, Sept. 22nd! “Directed by Ramadan and spiked with post-millennial tension and self-aware humor, it feels like an update of Hairspray, as Ramadan pals around her bedroom with a pair of drag queens and, after much soul-searching and wig-trying, eventually goes the way of the song’s title.” Watch HERE


Recorded on Lady Bird Lake this past August 2017 - His debut album Guidance is available now. Watch the pop-up session HERE


She Shreds asks Brooklyn-based FRAME a few questions about her forthcoming record State of Mind and premieres her new single “Actions at a Distance”. She Shreds says..“the single deals with themes of time and space, and the impact they can have on relationships. “Einstein called it “Spooky Action at a Distance,” but that had less of a ring to it,” Frame says. The song was informed by a period of her life where she on tour with another band as a guitarist while her partner was starting school in another part of the country.” State of Mind is out October 27 on Concierge Records. Read & listen HERE


It’s “a high-energy, rollicking tune — the kind you’d hear at a honky tonk dive on your way across the country — through the eyes of an Old West heroine.“ Listen HERE - Queen of San Antonio is out Oct. 27th!


“Partner have created a bangin’ rock record to celebrate underrepresented identities and everyday experiences, paired with Weezer’s Blue Album-esque thick guitars and keen melodies. It can be received as either humorous or life-affirming, but either way, it’s a delight.“ Listen HERE


“…if Partner go to great lengths to present themselves as lovable fuck-ups, they’ve totally got their shit together with their tunes.” Defiantly queer, proudly Canadian, and righteously stoned, Ontario’s Partner infuse their bubble-grunge indie-rock riffs with a slyly subversive spirit. Read the full review HERE