”’Take me walking if you go/ Round the walls of Saint-Malo,’ Jones sings gently with light harmonies behind her. The track’s unwavering acoustic guitar foundation is hypnotizing, and is enhanced by faint piano toward the end. The minimalness is haunting and effective.”

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The single is arguably lined with highlights, but some songs still stand out over the rest. “Cool Ship II” features the bright vocals of Delisle, wavered and bent through a thick and vaporous atmosphere of glowing synths. It’s a bouncy little anthem that keeps the head bobbing, rife with colorful electronics for a blast of refreshing space pop.”

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We decided to take them over the bridge to Vivant Vintage in Lower Allston to check out some sick threads and chat about their humble beginnings, beach goth, and their favorite kinds of pudding.”

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We are, too. Slap Back is out now via Vanguard Records. Read what Mother Jones had to say about the album here. 


Also, Chicago, Split Single is playing 11/21 at Lincoln Hall! Also-also, watch HBO’s “Sonic Highways” Foo Fighters special—-Jason Narducy is all over it. For now, however, watch & share this great video via Stereogum!


"The feverish buzz of lead single and album opener “Cheap Talk” sets the tone for the album with two and a half minutes of sharp vocals and distorted guitars. The track leads smoothly into the fuzzy “Hot Water” and the high-octane “Nod to the Devil”, both of which show off the band’s 70s inspired guitar technique."

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