Wish We Were There is due out on July 29 via XRAY Records. Check out their very own theme song, “encapsulating Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, Dick Dale and Boston” HERE


“Seattle band VATS just released their full-length debut, Green Glass Room, which showcases the band’s appealing, melted punk sound. One of the album’s songs, “Drag,” just got the video treatment (courtesy director Robert M. Wolfe) and you can watch that in all its mildly unsettling glory.” More HERE!


Chris’s new LP Golden Age comes out August 16th: “…the kind of music he’s making now is right up the alley of prime-era Barsuk. The new single “Park Bench” should be instantly satisfying to anyone who wishes Death Cab still sounded like their pre-Plans period.” Chris will be touring with Rocky Votolato in September & October, dates and more info HERE


Debi Del Grande states “A small set of keys, a setlist and our minds were lost as Greg Saunier (drummer/vocalist), Satomi Matsuzaki (vocals/bass), John Dieterich (guitar) and Ed Rodríguez (guitar) kept us moving in all directions.” - Check out great photos and the full review here


“Set to release Famous Blondes, a solo LP, Payne’s bipolar poetry of urban malaise is set to a Rolling Stones groove on new single “Nightmare”. Check it out below and read more HERE!


“Some records, you know within a minute or two of pressing play that you’re in the presence of an extraordinary talent. I don’t know how best to characterize the lineage that Sloucher’s Certainty EP (out today on Swoon Records) descends from, but if you’re a devotee of NW (and NW-adjacent) indie pop of the past, oh, 25 years, I’d be willing to bet that it contains at least a few of your favorite bands.”

Keep reading over at The Stranger. 


NYLON has “highlighted five women who are using their voice, literally and figuratively, to break the stereotypes associated with women in music.” Check out their awesome write-up for The Coathangers!