“The album’s lead single “For A Chisos Bluebonnet” puts a graceful, gorgeous full-band spin on American primitive fingerstyle guitar that fits comfortably into the lineage of the Chicago scene, though as Winter explains, it’s inspired by his childhood in Texas…”


“For the uninitiated: Say Sue Me is a good band, deeply informed by other good bands like Yo La Tengo, Pavement, and Seam, but also Dick Dale and the Beach Boys.”


Revelators Sound System, his new instrumental project with producer/bassist Cameron Ralston, searches for clarity where language falls short.”


“The manipulative nature of televangelism is the subject of “Ovation,” inviting the subtle backing of what sounds like pipe organ during the song’s intense chorus—barely discernible behind the powerful wall of guitars and crashing percussion.”


“Across 11 songs, Riggs draws on soft synths and an array of beloved and unusual pop-culture figures to opine on death, rebirth, and the emotional journey of finding one’s best self—whoever that may be.”


“If you’d taken a wrong turn on the expansive-looking film set for Chicago post-punk group Ganser’s latest music videos, you might have accidentally crashed into a wall. That’s because rather than shoot outside or use a green-screen background, the band tried out an LED Volume backdrop — essentially an array of high-resolution screens that can respond realistically to camera movement, similar to a video game. It’s the same technology Disney+ uses for The Mandalorian.”


Gold Panda has released the video for new song “I’ve Felt Better (Than I Do Now).” It’s the first track from the British producer since 2019, and, according to the accompanying announcement, it’s a “hint of what else is to come in 2022.”


“Parks makes an artistic statement that’s about as seamless as albums come—a rich, vibrant mosaic that benefits from the breadth of time and space it encompasses.”