“Lead single “l.a. coliseum” is a sprawling, pensive lament that feels intimate and widescreen at once, and it’s a shining example of Kivel’s understated ability to elegantly juxtapose his flair for classic pop songwriting, compelling storytelling, and exquisite instrumentation among the album’s gorgeous, more ambient explorations.” From his upcoming LP last night in america out May 10th on Cascine / PYL. Watch HERE


“The album is a live recording of the duo’s first session together, in the spring of 2017, with the shock of the presidential election still raw. McCaughan is on the synths, oscillating between gauzy whispers and raspy, low end interjections. Lattimore fades in with music-box melodies, then pulls them apart note by note. The record is, in places, blissful.“ Full review HERE


“…an exuberant whirl of psychedelia, pop-wise alternative-rock and vintage tropicalía. Flashes of Teenage Fan Club and the 1967-’68 Pink Floyd flew by in the episodic songwriting and power-chord moments; singer-guitarist Fernando Almeida Filho had a headful of Phil Lynott-like curls and sang with the high-tenor sensuality of the young Prince.” More HERE


”On her own time, she’s beginning to explore manifesting and synchronicity. She and the band plan to spend 2019 touring on the back of Darkness Rains. She’s trying to wean herself off listening exclusively to true crime podcasts while on the road. And she vows to keep sifting through the paranormal as her touring schedule allows. If it sounds bonkers, fine. Bloomgarden has embraced bonkers. She’s used to bonkers.” Read the full interview HERE


“The room was full of screaming and sometimes-moshing fans, and Otoboke Beaver seriously brought it. They can be fun and bouncy, but they can also be as pissed-off and aggressive as the most ferocious hardcore bands.“ Read more HERE!


“Say Sue Me are proof positive of music’s influence across the globe. The South Korean quartet’s instrumentals fit alongside the dreamy jangles of American bands like Real Estate and Jay Som, while singer Sumi Choi’s delivery is as sweet and sticky as Aussie Stella Donnelly.“ Read more HERE


From their upcoming album Sauropoda out May 24th. “The first peek behind the curtain at that lock-grooved wonder is the organ-drenched dripper “Endless Dave.” The track (and album to be quite honest) is buffed to a super-mod sheen, applying a lounge exotica lacquer to their bevy of Krautrock and Kosmiche twinges.” Listen HERE


“Johnston is a skillful songwriter and producer on her first album Ghastly, arranging a compelling groove on “Y U,” where she taps into distinctly 2019 relationship ails with the line, “why are you always looking at your phone instead of me.” Elsewhere, programmed drums accentuate homespun acoustic guitars and her soothing alto on the cathartic opener “Worst Kind of Girl.” It’s a confident debut that shines on its subtlety as much as its hair-raising choruses.” Listen to “Worst Kind of Girl” HERE


“The album traverses through murky swamps, mountainside caverns, and they even propel themselves into cyberspace—trekking across moon craters in zero gravity. Each of these scenic expeditions are accompanied by equally mythic musical passages—zigzagging fits of guitar distortion, rapturous drum fills and spunky, spitting vocals.“ Read the full review HERE!