“Just as spending a lot of time in your own company gives small interactions a feeling of outsize significance, the record’s pared-back palette allows the tiniest variations to feel startling and fresh.“ Read the full review HERE


“Burch leaves more room for texture on If You’re Dreaming, a conscious decision that grew out of feelings of transience and disconnection she experienced while spending so much time on tour after releasing Quit the Curse.” Read the full review HERE


Philadelphia musician Peter Gill, who has played with Friendship and Free Cake For Every Creature over the years, has rounded up a crew of fellow Philly musicians, among them members of Remember Sports, for a new project called 2nd Grade. Their debut album, Hit To Hit, is coming out at the end of next month, and it’s bursting with 24 tracks of catchy indie-pop. Hit To Hit is out 5/29 via Double Double Whammy. Hear the two singles “Velodrome” and “My Bike”!


Over a simple yet mesmerizing chord progression, Raskin’s tranquil vocals waft out of them like the gentle mist of a bedroom humidifier. It’s a tune for someone who doesn’t recognize their own beauty, and Raskin delivers their lines with the sort of placid tone that’s assuring but not overbearing; as if they were murmuring them to their subject in real-time and the tape just happened to be rolling. lovable will be out 4/24 via Community Records. Check out the single HERE


Melbourne, Australia’s Esther Edquist aka Sweet Whirl shares the lovely new single from her forthcoming LP How Much Works, coming next month on Chapter Music. Edquist says that “Sweetness” is her “tribute to 90s upbeat indie pop”, and it’s a dreamily buoyant and swaying opener that sets the tone for one of our favorite albums of 2020. Listen HERE


“If You’re Dreaming is a lush, tranquil album that’s full of the kind of downtempo moments that someone coming off a packed touring schedule would most want to hear themselves. Full of imagist lyrics that excavate fear without flinching, Burch calls the album something of a “negative pep talk” to herself and recognizes it as a shift, sonically, from her debut.” Read more HERE // ‘If You’re Dreaming’ is out April 3 via Polyvinyl Records


Hear “Sodalis” via FLOOD Magazine! “…a particularly nocturnal number fusing manipulated bat samples with plucked piano strings. The resulting composition is the type of modern classicism you’d expect from someone who’s toured as a member of Oneohtrix Point Never’s live band and has worked with a member of Krallice and Gorguts’ reunion band. Not to mention the whole “bats” thing.”


Usually the band performs as a quintet, but today, you’ll hear a four-piece version perform songs from Four of Arrows in a mini-concert recorded live in Philadelphia for WXPN’s Indie Rock Hit Parade. Check it out HERE