Hear the lead single off Fred’s upcoming LP Changer, out Jan. 27th on Polyvinyl! You can Pre-Order the LP and check out the single HERE. GFP describes the single: “His narrative stretches across a paced instrumentation of strums and electric flairs, making it seem as though he’s reading directly from a diary entry, or offering advice in a crammed, darkened bar.”


“With a late ’90s video aesthetic, “Pour Down” is certainly an impassioned creation. The vocal arrangements only add to the emotion and meaning behind the words, highlighting the deeper, highly universal challenges of femininity and queerness.” 


The A.V. Club is premiering “Take It To The Limit” from Del Paxton’s new album All Day, Every Day, All Night, which is out March 3 on Topshelf Records. “Take It To The Limit” is an effervescent rocker that recalls The Promise Ring circa Nothing Feels Good, whimsical backing harmonies and all. Listen to it HERE.


“The song’s sly funny lyrics and warm, gentle momentum align Bonny Doon with Fred Thomas, who recorded their album. “I See You” is an understated gem—proof that Detroit’s softer rock bands deserve as much attention as the loudest ones.” Check it out HERE!


Check out their third full length LP and read the interview with the band HERE, which touches on how the band came together, changes over the years and what’s next!