From Partner’s amazing LP In Search of Lost Time - “All of the songs are so chill and funny and fun and you just want to hang out with [the band]. For all the talk about the death of the guitar, it was a phenomenal year for guitar rock… and this record, In Search Of Lost Time, just go out and listen to it.“ - Robin Hilton


“It opens with this distorted guitar, moving into a slight static vocal before pulling back the effects to reveal the song’s pop underbelly. You’re intoxicated, sure, but you’re not fully hooked until the falling melodies of the chorus are dropped on you; it’s like a sugar cube for pop aficionados. You’ll come back time and time again, and as you do, you’ll hear more vocal melodies surfing through the song, taking you on one hell of a pop rollercoaster.” Crooked Numbers comes out Jan, 12th on Swoon Records - Listen HERE


Read & listen here. Quiet Friend’s self-titled debut is out March 9 on Elestial Sound. 


Watch here! Directed by & starring Kristen Yoonsoo Kim. House of Feelings’ Last Chance EP was released via Infinite Best in August. 


Director Allie Lane tells us, “With the ‘Drive Your Car’ video, I wanted to evoke a surreal state of adventure that matches the romantic lulls and highs of a road trip. L.A. Witch’s psych rock swells and enigmatic lyrics called for bleached color tones, mirror mirages, and expansive desert landscapes.”Yes, indeed. It’s a potent combination that’s very effective. This is the vibe of which West Coast dreams are made.” Watch HERE!


From his upcoming album Pentimento and Others, out Feb. 2nd on Related States. “True Refuge is a masterclass in slow building musicality; recalling the likes of Leo Kottke or Penguin Cafe Orchestra, it builds from a lone guitar which swells so gently and perfectly you barely notice as a cacophony of musical ideas engulfs you.” Listen HERE