"Genders close out the night. Their national tour last year with Built to Spill was followed by a debut album, which has caused much a flutter. Maggie Morris’s warblings are enough to make you feel… anything she wants to make you feel - an intoxicating control in a front person. With exciting syncopation experimentation, Katherine Paul’s drumming skills are wicked. A kind of New Wave sound, I cannot wait to see if it translates into live performance, and from what I am told it is irrefutable."

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This moment shocks with the revelation that pre-existing expectations may color but can’t guide the experience of listening to Prime; the guiding principle (that is, the film) is somewhere out of sight, directing rather than attracting focus in an inversion of the typical soundtrack/image relationship.”

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This song can help you get over your end-of-summer blues and teleport you back to that time you took a vacation a few months ago and felt #free and had a lot of belly laughs and didn’t think about work or check your email for like two days.”

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But digging deeper reveals an impressive eclecticism—from the melted guitar spasms of “Downer” to the spiraling, dual-guitar break on the lovely “Pac Ambition,” from the doo-wop churn of “Patsy” to the classic-rock chorus of “Something Else.” There’s a playful sense of exploration on Saturnalia Regalia!, as the band saunters haphazardly through styles and tempos—all of them glued together by a stoned smirk.”

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The track we’re premiering for you today is typically Further, featuring drawled vocals, a guitar sound that hearkens back to 1960s and ’70s classic rock and that is characterised by extensive use of feedback, fuzz and distortion.”

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"The vintage folk stylings of the Wild Reeds recall a distant, ostensibly more naive California where one had to be neither blind nor especially brave to see and do all that is right and good. On its debut “Blind and Brave” (due Aug. 9), the L.A. quintet submits that they are oblivious to today’s trenchant cynicism and bold enough to chart their own course."

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"Four young girls sat in the mud at the front of the Campfire Stage, completely enraptured by Verdoes’ sensitive solo set, after which they rushed to greet him."

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Their style hearkens back to the time when psychedelic pop had just discovered analog synths. Season Sun's opening track, “Game Love,” is a good example of Gulp's penchant for vintage electronica, as a warbling Moog backs a cascade of shimmering guitars and Lindsey Leven's gorgeous pipes.”

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Josh Salter and Seamus Dalton’s guitar interplay often dips into the prog rock realm, songs are punctuated by little sonic surprises like the doo wop break on “Candleholder” or the Sonic Youth-heavy guitar freakouts on “Downer,” and the odd effects they run their guitars through (maybe a janky old chorus pedal?) give the album a slightly otherworldly feel.”

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