Jason Albertini says about the track: "It’s my favorite off the new record. The first song I recorded after rehab. A march to the sea where I accidentally end up at some cliffs and call the whole thing off.“ Watch HERE!


“Between whirring guitars and vocal harmonies bursting with personality, the band asks “What’s left after lust,” exploring and challenging the tensions within “conventional” relationships and proudly staking out a place for pleasure, without sacrificing intimacy.“ Watch HERE!


With 2018 album Darkness Rains, LA garage rockers Death Valley Girls gave us a clever flat-Earther parody and the unforgettable image of Iggy Pop eating a hamburger, Andy Warhol-style. Today they’re back to announce their new album Under the Spell Of Joy. This time there’s no comparable iconic imagery attached to speak of — unless you count their incredible new band photo below — but lead single “The Universe” more than holds its own as a blast of hypnotic, sax-blaring rock ‘n’ roll. More HERE!


The band’s new album ‘Under The Spell Of Joy’ is out this Autumn, released via Suicide Squeeze Records. Out on October 2nd, it’s a potent return, one that the group themselves ambitiously label “a space-gospel record…” Bonnie Bloomgarden says: “We believe we served as channels for what we think are guides. As we learn what the songs are about we realize they are meant to be sang like chants, hymns, or spells.” Listen HERE


”Noisy art-punk that locates shards of light in the current dystopia…” Out July 31st on Felte, read the full review HERE!


“Bile & Bone (collab with Lauren Francis) shows that in collaboration, a songwriter can often find new ways to express themselves, and counter-intuitively might just be the closest al Riggs has ever got to sharing a piece of themselves with the world.“ Read more HERE


“These six songs are unified by their slow-building serenity and enveloping atmosphere, maintaining a singular mood while Feinberg jumps between genres and influences.“ Read more HERE!


“About the track, Okusami had this to say: “It’s a synth-y, vibey rock song. It’s about taking care of the people you love in dangerous or hard times. It’s a platonic love song to a friend at the end of the world.” New LP ‘Things I Never Said’ arrives Aug. 28th on Plastic Miracles!


The lead single is more of a reflection on personal rhythms and the casual familiarity of romance. It’s called “Boyfriend Jacket, Boyfriend Sweater,” and it finds Riggs drawling conversationally over a drum machine and a melancholy roots-rock mirage. “Marginalized young men out on the job,” they sing. “Never late for work, always late for work.” Listen HERE Bile and Bone is out 9/18 on Horse Complex Records!