"The track is equal parts indebted to Dinosaur Jr. and a precursor for bands like Milk Music. "Filling Station" and 12 other songs will appear on Where Were You Then?, which is out September 2 via Bad Paintings.”

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A compelling writer and a captivating live performer, Felice is no stranger to local stages: he and the rest of the Felice Brothers delivered a show for the ages at the former Maxwell’s in Hoboken back in 2008, and he stunned the crowd at Mark Costanzo’s Concerts in the Studio series in Freehold in 2010 and 2012.”

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Candleholder” opens with one of the most tuneful guitar leads I’ve heard this year, while “Something Else” absolutely explodes into a huge, if simple chorus—the kind of chorus the band members’ parents could sing along to (it happened at Monomyth’s album release show last month and it was amazing). It’s a truly enjoyable record, one that I’ve been returning to a lot over the past month or so.”

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Iska Dhaaf

Gateway Band: The White Stripes
Duo Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes know how to wail—their jarring sound rises from their instruments like a growing cloud of smoke. The band’s music video for “Everybody Knows,” a powerful tableau set in the Vietnam War era, features a cameo by Macklemore, whom Quiroga (formerly of Mad Rad) worked with on The Heist. Drummer Verdoes (formerly of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) is a talented songwriter in his own right, having recently released his own crooning solo album to critical acclaim.


Gateway Band: Arcade Fire
The members of this Cascadian forest-rocker four-piece met and began playing together at Seattle University. Their recently released full-length, Rituals, Trances & Ecstasies for Humans in Face of The Collapse, features a layered Kanye West–esque production (bonus: without all the misogyny!), with wild screamsand moans and tribal drums. The key to the record, though, is every band member’s unbridled passion. You can feel their bonds of friendship and love of mysticism emanating through the tattoo of those propulsive drumbeats.

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The follow-up to 2012’s 8 Songs features lead single “Waves,” which floats along on a bouncy piano line and a simple, driving drum beat. Credit Sellers for the amalgam of diverse sounds on the expansive track: the singer-songwriter plays all the instruments on the record, from the guitar to the organ to the mandolin.”

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The Growlers take a cue from ’60s psychedelia and expand to everything from surf to country to effects-heavy, theatrical rock. With a new album, Chinese Fountain, out September 23, their sound tightens up, bringing with it a disco vibe, all punctuated by the telltale twang of singer Brooks Nielsen.”

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"What is really great about this album is the appeal to any generation. Children, parents, and grandparents together could enjoy this album. Making music that can endure the evolution of trends and tastes is difficult to do, but it seems that The Wild Reeds have managed to just that with Blind and Brave."

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Lead single “Run With The Wild Ones” is a sweeping, shoot-for-the-rafters sort of song that smartly blends electronic and organic elements in a way that reminds me of Band Of Horses gone chiptune.” Read more and hear it here.