“Musician/producer Jay Arner is a sharp, efficient, exacting songwriter in the mold of fellow Vancouverites the New Pornographers. At his best, he smuggles expressions of despondence or alienation into airtight, earwormy gems with enviable ease. - Raymond Cummings. Read the full review here!


Deerhoof’s 13th album, The Magic, is out this week! Sonic Scoop caught up with John about their avant-garde recording style: “We’ve developed a lot of tools while watching each other work and watching our friends work. We’ve done a lot of experimenting and have made tons of mistakes.” Many of those “mistakes” have clearly shaped the group’s unique sound, best described on their new LP as dirty (“Dispossessor”), classic (“Plastic Thrills”), and wonderfully percussive (“Life is Suffering”).” Read more HERE


Their latest album, The Magic, is out today on Polyvinyl! This stop motion video is directed by Joe Baughman, and it tells a strange story of clay animated demons and ritual sacrifice. Read more HERE and watch below!


“The video features the band jamming out and dancing in their own crystal ball, having broken free of the daily grind. “Go get another job you hate,” Arner croons, never one to shy from a heavy dose of realism, but the sweet ring of the melody is enough to set us at ease for a while.” - Jay Arner II comes out today on Mint Records!


His latest single, “Relatively Permanent,”is included HERE: “On “Relatively Permanent,” the lead single from sophomore Barsuk LP Golden Age (out August 19), the Seattle native manages to create a tender, restorative atmosphere in just over two minutes. Relying only on crisp guitars and light backing vocals, Staples is point-blank as he sings in signature low-key delivery: “This could be an accident / or relatively permanent / but either way / I’m gonna stay / and love you for another day.”