Featuring songwriter Andy McFarlane along with childhood friend Matt Drenik (Battleme), Lowlands is “…a song anchored by a catchy mellow beat and dreamy harmonies. There is a simplicity to the music that makes for a sound that is airy and clean, signaling that the members of this group know how to cut away the fat in the studio and come away with a fine tuned indie pop tune.” Their album ‘Oh What an Honor / Oh What a Drag’ comes out Oct. 13th on Get Loud Records! Listen HERE


“Having spent time fighting for the local bee population to be placed on the endangered species list, the musician used that experience as creative fuel for the band’s debut album, Dynamics. The record is avant-garde in a sense, yet the beauty of it comes down to Schonberg, who’s able to transform vast arrangements into something immersive and palatable.“ Read the full interview and listen to “Big Meta” HERE


Moon King (Daniel Benjamin) shares a visual for the alternative-version of single “Ordinary Lover”, which features vocals from Detroit singer Natty G. His lo-fi pop / dance tape, Hamtramck ‘16 is out now on Arbutus Records. AdHoc debuts the video and says, “…under Daniel Benjamin’s delicate direction, each element whirs into place and delivers an intoxicatingly coordinated performance.” Watch HERE


“Hypnogogia, that hazy twilight of consciousness that occurs between wakefulness and sleep, was the inspiration for “Roma,” the latest single from Tomo Nakayama’s upcoming Pieces of Sky album.“ Watch HERE


Jesse Kivel (Kisses, Mt. Si) is releasing his debut solo record Content on October 6 via his own label New Feelings (US) and Rallye (Japan). 

Brooklyn Vegan writes about lead-single “LA Story” being “genuinely lovely, deep-shag groovy…” Read & listen HERE


“It’s the end,” the song begins, Ramadan’s flute-like voice floating high, “of the world.” The singer, as if sitting on a rooftop like a perched bird, is “all alone” as her surroundings seem to crumble everywhere else. Guitar strings are plucked and the bass booms beneath while cymbals crash. The song, Ramadan says, is about an apocalypse – specifically, the one we’re all dreading and yet considering a real possibility in today’s politically and socially turbulent times.“ Listen HERE and look for her new album ‘Doom-Wop’ on Sept. 22nd!


“Lead vocalist Petra Mases recalls the passage of time as inspiration for the track: When you go from being in your most youthful Holly Golightly-self to put yourself in some sort of seriousness, the gloominess will rinse over sooner or later. This is what “Swing” is about, the wave that comes with all the memories. There is no valuation, nothing to change, just memories from what once was. Suddenly ten, twenty, thirty years has passed. What happened there?“


Out today, Aug. 11th! “Pacific City is a gentle record that might get lost in a playlist or shuffle scenario, so play this one loud to appreciate its quiet beauty.” Read the full review HERE