Minneapolis quintet Keep for Cheap release new video for “The Time”!
Off their debut full length LP ‘Bundle’, arriving June 10th on Refresh Records:


“On Pet Fox’s latest single “Only Warning,” Theo Hartlett sings in a weary monotone while things explode all around him. The band’s rhythm section hits fast and hard, and Hartlett’s own guitar streaks tracers across the sky.”


“In April 1989, the American band Sonic Youth played for a crowd in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. In the audience was a teenaged Eugene Hutz, future founder of the rock band Gogol Bordello. Hutz tells The World how this concert changed his life and inspired him to find his own musical voice when he emigrated from Ukraine.”


“Whether making music, visual art or poetry, whether solo or with a variety of collaborators, whether folk, country, rock, psych or punk, whether releasing one album a year or 10, Romano’s tireless ethic manages to hit the sweet spot between quality and quantity. ”


“I dreamed that everyone was alive, and I came to think that there might be no end,” Sumi Choi said in a statement. “One day everyone will come back and meet somewhere.” The Last Thing Left is out 5/13 on Damnably!


“The murky aura of dub always seems to infect Matt’s recordings. It’s a loose haze that engulfs songs no matter how hounded or serene. On Warping All By Yourself a new element comes into play, though — a feeling of funk that creeps over the synapses in waves.”