Unlikely Friends, Crooked Numbers, out Jan. 12th on Swoon Records (contact Laurie)
Smokey Brights, Come to Terms EP, out Jan. 26th on Freakout Records (contact Laurie)
Club 8, Golden Island, out Jan. 26th on Labrador Records (contact Andi Wilson)

Operator Music Band Coördination EP, out Dec. 1st on New Professor Music (contact Andi Wilson)
STRFKR, Vault Vol. 1 – 3, out now on Polyvinyl Records (contact Nathan)

Gunn – Trucsinski Duo, Bay Head, out November 3rd on Three Lobed (contact Nathan)
Cock & Swan, Dream Alone, out Nov. 7th on Hush Hush Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Far Lands, Oh What an Honor / Oh What a Drag, out Nov. 10th on Get Loud Records (contact Laurie)
Digital Release, Positive Approach, out Nov. 17th on Drawing Room Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Kicking Giant, This Being the Ballad of Kicking Giant, Halo: NYC/Olympia 1989 – 1993, out November 17th on Drawing Room Records (contact Nathan)
Marisa Anderson, Traditional and Public Domain Songs, November 17th on Mississippi Records, (contact Nathan)

Deathlist, Weaks, out October 6th (contact Nathan)
Wild Ones, Mirror Touch, out Oct. 6th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Jesse Kivel, Content, out Oct. 6th on New Feelings / Rallye (contact Andi Wilson)
Suno Deko,  S/T, out Oct. 13th on Elestial Sound (contact Andi Wilson)
Country Florist, Waveland, out October 20th on Drawing Room Records (contact Nathan)
Strawberry Runners, In The Garden, In The Night, October 20th on Salinas Records (contact Nathan)
Tough Age, Shame, out October 20th on Mint Records (contact Nathan)
Angelica Rockne, Queen of San Antonio, out October 27th (contact Nathan)
FRAME,  State of Mind, out Oct. 27th on Concierge Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Les Filles de Illighadad, Eghass Malan, out October 27th on Sahel Sounds (contact Nathan)

Faith Healer, Try ;-), out September 8, 2017 on Mint Records (contact Nathan)
L.A. Witch, S/T, out Sept. 8th on Suicide Squeeze Records(contact Nathan)
Partner, In Search of Lost Time, out Sept. 8th on You’ve Changed Records (contact Nathan)
Tomo Nakayama, Pieces of Sky, out Sept. 8th on Ricebelly Music (contact Laurie)
Pardoner, Uncontrollable Salvation, out Sept 8th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Michael Nau The Load, out September 15th on Suicide Squeeze Records (contact Nathan)
Prom Queen, Doom Wop, out Sept. 22nd(contact Laurie)
Prawn, Run, out Sept. 22nd on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Haunted Summer, Spirit Guides, out Sept. 29th on ODDCARGO Records (contact Laurie)
Versing, Nirvana, out Sept. 29th on Help Yourself / Decency Den Records (contact Andi Wilson)

Amy O, Elastic, out Aug. 4 on Winspear Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Guantanamo Baywatch, Desert Center, out August 4th on Suicide Squeeze Records (contact Nathan)
Monk Parker, Crown of Sparrows, out August 4th on Grand Jury (contact Nathan)
Moon King, Hamtramck ’16, out Aug. 4th on Arbutus Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Secret Drum Band, DYNAMICS, out August 4th on XRAY Records (contact Nathan)
Dennis Callaci, The End Of Night, out August 11th on Shrimper Records (contact Nathan)
House of Feelings, Last Chance EP, out Aug. 11 on Infinite Best (contact Andi Wilson)
Shelley Short, Pacific City, out August 11th on Mississippi Records (contact Nathan)
SOAR, dark / gold, out Aug. 25th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Tom Brosseau, Treasures Untold, out August 25th on Crossbill Records (contact Nathan)
Queen Moo, Mean Well, out Aug. 25th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)

JULY 2017
Dream Version, Fight Fair, out July 7th (contact Nathan)
STRFKR, Vault Vol. II, out July 7th on Polyvinyl Records (contact Nathan)
Us and Us Only, Full Flower, out July 14th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Kalbells, Ten Flowers, out July 14th on NNA Tapes (contact Jessi Frick)
Neu Yeuth, s/t EP, out July 14th on Freakout Records (contact Laurie)
The Dan Ryan, Guidance, out July 14th on Cosmic Dreamer Music(contact Nathan)
People Like You, Verse, out July 28th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Lushloss, Asking/Bearing, out July 28th on Hush Hush Records (contact Andi Wilson)

JUNE 2017
Kino Kimino, Bait Is For Sissies, out June 3rd on Ghost Ramp (contact Nathan)
Tough Age, Unclean, out June 16th (contact Nathan)
Art School Jocks, Art School Jocks, out June 2nd on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
CHARMS, Human Error, out June 16th on Killroom Records (contact Laurie)
Ethan Daniel Davidson, Crows, out June 16th on Blue Arrow Records (contact Nathan)
GospelbeacH, Another Summer of Love, out June 16th on Alive Naturalsound (contact Nathan)
SassyBlack, New Black Swing, out June 23rd (contact Nathan)
Ratboys, GN, out June 30th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Jamie Aaron Aux, Close The Circle, out June 30th (contact Laurie)

MAY 2017
Wooden Wand, Clipper Ship, out May 5th on Three Lobed Recordings (contact Nathan)
tricot, 3, out May 17th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Casey Dienel, Imitation Of A Woman To Love, May 18th on Paddle Your Own Canoe Society (contact Nathan)
Hoop, Super Genuine, out May 19th on Decency Den Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Mad Denizen, STARVED, out May 19th on Broken Ear Records (contact Laurie)
Paul Major, Feel The Music, out May 30th on Anthology Editions (contact Jessi Frick)

APRIL 2017
Deathlist, s/t, out April 7th on XRAY Records (contact Nathan)
The Coathangers, Nosebleed Weekend, out April 15th on Suicide Squeeze Records (contact Nathan)
Kikagaku Moyo, Stone Garden, out April 21st on Guruguru Brain (contact Nathan)
Tara Jane O’Neil, s/t, out April 21st on Gnomonsong (contact Nathan)
Shugo Tokumaru, TOSS, out April 28th on Polyvinyl (contact Nathan)

MARCH 2017
Del Paxton, All Day, Every Day, All Night, out March 3rd on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, DROOL, out March 4th on Sooper Records & Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
David Bazan, Care, out March 7th on Undertow (contact Nathan)
Bonny Doon, Bonny Doon, out March 10th on Salinas Records (contact Nathan)
Hiccup, Imaginary Enemies, out March 24th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
WCKR SPGT, Dense Pack, out March 24th on Shrimper Records (contact Nathan)
Will Johnson, Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm, out March 24th on Undertow (contact Nathan)
RF Shannon, Jaguar Palace, out March 31st on Cosmic Dreamer Music (contact Nathan)
The Maldives, Mad Lives, out March 31st (contact Laurie)

ela minus, Adapt. EP, out Feb 17th on YEBO Music (contact Jessi Frick)
Saw Black, Azalea Days, out Feb 10th on Crystal Pistol Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Alexander F, Alexander F, out Feb 10th on So Sensation Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Dougie Poole, Wideass Highway, out Feb 17th on JMC Aggregate (contact Jessi Frick)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Tourist, out Feb 24th (contact Nathan)

mouse on the keys, Out of Body EP, out Jan 25th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Rubblebucket, If U C My Enemies, out Jan. 20th on So Sensation Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Heat, Overnight, out Jan 20th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Lilah Larson, Pentimento, out Jan. 27th (contact Laurie)
Fred Thomas, Changer, out Jan. 27th on Polyvinyl (contact Nathan)
Sloppy Heads, Useless Smile, out Jan. 27th on Shrimper Records (contact Nathan)