Wild Ones, Mirror Touch, Oct. 6th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Jesse Kivel, Content, Oct. 6th on New Feelings / Rallye (contact Andi Wilson)
Far Lands, Oh What an Honor / Oh What a Drag, Oct. 13th on Get Loud Records (contact Laurie Kearney)
Suno Deko,  S/T, Oct. 13th on Elestial Sound (contact Andi Wilson)
FRAME,  State of Mind, Oct. 27th on Concierge Records (contact Andi Wilson)

Tomo Nakayama, Pieces of Sky, Sept. 8th on Ricebelly Music (contact Laurie Kearney)
Pardoner, Uncontrollable Salvation, Sept 8th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Prom Queen, Doom Wop, Sept. 22nd (contact Laurie Kearney)
Prawn, Run, Sept. 22nd on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Haunted Summer, Spirit Guides, Sept. 29th (contact Laurie Kearney)
Versing,  Nirvana, Sept. 29th on Help Yourself / Decency Den Records (contact Andi Wilson)

Amy O, Elastic, Aug. 4 on Winspear Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Moon King, Hamtramck ’16, Aug. 4 on Arbutus Records (contact Andi Wilson)
House of Feelings, Last Chance EP, Aug. 11 on Infinite Best (contact Andi Wilson)
SOAR, dark / gold, Aug. 25th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Queen Moo, Mean Well, Aug. 25th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)

JULY 2017
Us and Us Only, Full Flower, July 14th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Kalbells, Ten Flowers, July 14th on NNA Tapes (contact Jessi Frick)
Neu Yeuth, s/t EP, July 14th on Freakout Records (contact Laurie Kearney)
People Like You, Verse, July 28th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Lushloss, Asking/Bearing, July 28th on Hush Hush Records (contact Andi Wilson)

JUNE 2017
Art School Jocks, Art School Jocks, June 2nd on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
CHARMS, Human Error, June 16th on Killroom Records (contact Laurie Kearney)
Ratboys, GN, June 30th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Jamie Aaron Aux, Close The Circle, June 30th (contact Laurie Kearney)

MAY 2017
Wooden Wand, Clipper Ship, May 5th on Three Lobed Recordings (contact Nathan Walker)
tricot, 3, May 17th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Hoop, Super Genuine, May 19th on Decency Den Records (contact Andi Wilson)
Mad Denizen, STARVED, May 19th on Broken Ear Records (contact Laurie Kearney)
Paul Major, Feel The Music, May 30th on Anthology Editions (contact Jessi Frick)

APRIL 2017
Tara Jane O’Neil, s/t, April 21st on Gnomonsong (contact Nathan Walker)
Shugo Tokumaru, TOSS, April 28th on Polyvinyl (contact Nathan Walker)

MARCH 2017
Del Paxton, All Day, Every Day, All Night, March 3rd on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, DROOL, March 4th on Sooper Records & Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Bonny Doon, Bonny Doon, March 10th on Salinas Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Hiccup, Imaginary Enemies, March 24th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Will Johnson, Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm, March 24th on Undertow (contact Nathan Walker)
The Maldives, Mad Lives, March 31st (contact Laurie Kearney)

ela minus, Adapt. EP, Feb 17th on YEBO Music (contact Jessi Frick)
Saw Black, Azalea Days, Feb 10th on Crystal Pistol Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Alexander F, Alexander F, Feb 10th on So Sensation Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Dougie Poole, Wideass Highway, Feb 17th on JMC Aggregate (contact Jessi Frick)
Clay Your Hands Say Yeah, The Tourist, Feb 24th (contact Nathan Walker)

mouse on the keys, Out of Body EP, Jan 25th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Rubblebucket, If U C My Enemies, Jan. 20th on So Sensation Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Heat, Overnight, Jan 20th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Lilah Larson, Pentimento, Jan. 27th (contact Laurie Kearney)
Fred Thomas, Changer, Jan. 27th on Polyvinyl (contact Nathan Walker)
Sloppy Heads, Useless Smile, Jan. 27th on Shrimper Records (contact Nathan Walker)

Enemies, ValuablesDec. 9th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)

Jess Williamson, Heart SongNov. 4th on Brutal Honest (contact Nathan Walker)
, Happy Pop Family, Nov. 4th on Mint Records (contact Nathan Walker)
David Bazan, Dark Sacred Night, Nov. 11th on Suicide Squeeze (contact Nathan Walker)
Forth Wanderers, Slop EP, Nov. 11th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
LITE, Cubic, Nov. 16th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)

Dangers, The Bend in the Break, Oct. 14th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Gurr, In My Head, Oct. 14th on Duchess Box Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Never Young
, Singles Tape II: SoftBank, Oct. 14th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Smokey Brights
, Hot Candy, Oct, 21st on Freakout Records (contact Laurie Kearney)
Sun Angle, Skullflower, Oct. 21st on XRAY (contact Nathan Walker)
Many Voices Speak, Away For All Time, Oct. 28th on Hit City U.S.A. (contact Nathan Walker)
Nocturnal Habits, New Skin For Old ChildrenOct. 28th on Glacial Pace (contact Nathan Walker)
WL, Light Years, Oct. 28th on XRAY (contact Nathan Walker)

Dennis Callaci, A Bed of Light, Sept. 9th on Shrimper Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Dowsing / Ratboys split 7”, Sept. 9th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Sat. Nite Duets, Air Guitar, Sept. 16th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Tom Brosseau
, North Dakota Impressions, Sept. 16th on Crossbill Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Anthony And The Mountain, I Felt Tall And Full Of Blood, Sept. 23rd on Newlywed Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Mouse on the Keys / LITE Split, Sept. 30th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)

Chris Staples, Golden Age, Aug. 19th on Barsuk Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Sun Dog, Aug. 26th (contact Nathan Walker)
Vomitface, Hooray For Me, Aug. 26th on Help Yourself (contact Nathan Walker)

MAY 2016
Attic Abasement, Dream News, May 27th on Father/Daughter Records (contact Jessi Frick)

APRIL 2016

Dana Falconberry, From The Forest Came The Fire, April 1st on Modern Outsider (contact Nathan Walker)
Audacity, Hyper Vessels, April 1st on Suicide Squeeze Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Megan Bonnell, Magnolia, April 15th on MapleMusicRecordings (contact Alyssa DeHayes)
Acapulco Lips’ Self-Titled LP out April 15th on Killroom Records (contact Annie Ostrowski)
Solids, Else, April 15th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Triple Six 7-Inch Box Set, April 16th on Fainting Room Records (contact Laurie Kearney)

MARCH 2016

Bambara, SWARM, March 4th on Arrowhawk Records (LP, Digital) (contact Alyssa DeHayes)
Melaena Cadiz, Sunfair, March 4th on Misra Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Mirror Travel, Cruise Deal, March 11th on Modern Outsider (contact Nathan Walker)
Bent Shapes, Wolves of Want, March 11th on Slumberland Records (contact Jessi Frick)
Slingshot Dakota, Break, March 11th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)
My Golden Calf, Perfume Brute, March 18th (contact Laurie Kearney)
Candace, New Future, March 22nd on Found Object Records (contact Laurie Kearney)
Scott Yoder, Looking Back In Blue, March 25th on Annibale Records (contact Nathan Walker)
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die Long Live Happy Birthday, March 25th on Topshelf Records (contact Jessi Frick)


Frameworks, Time Spent, February 5th on Topshelf Records (LP, Digital) (contact Jessi Frick)
Michael Nau, Mowing, February 19th on Suicide Squeeze Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Tangerine’s Sugar Teeth EP, February 19th on Swoon Records (contact Annie Ostrowski)
Holy Esque, At Hope’s Ravine, February 26th on Beyond The Frequency (LP, CD, Digital) (contact Jessi Frick)
My Golden Calf, Perfume Brute, February 26th (LP, Digital) (contact Laurie Kearney)
Crater, Talk To Me So I Can Fall Asleep, February 26th on Help Yourself Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Adan & Xavi Y Los Imanes, s/t, February 26th on Everloving Records (contact Nathan Walker)
Cellar Doors’ Frost/Prism 7″, February 26th on Spiritual Pajamas (contact Annie Ostrowski)
Risley’s Self-Titled LP, February, 26th (contact Annie Ostrowski)

Jo Passed, Out, January 22nd on Craft Singles (EP, Cassette, Digital) (contact Annie Ostrowski)
Stranded Horse, Luxe, January 29th on Talitres Records (LP, Digital) (contact Annie Ostrowski)

// Self-Released, 9/11/15 (contact Annie Ostrowski)
Roger Lion s/t out September 18th on Team Love Records (LP, CD, Digital) (contact Nathan Walker)
Astronauts, Etc. “Mind Out Wandering” out September 18th on Hit City U.S.A. (LP, CD, Digital) (contact Nathan Walker)

PWR BTTM, Ugly Cherries (CS, Digital) // Miscreant Records + Father/Daughter Records, 9/18/15 (contact Jessi Frick)
Diet Cig, Sleep Talk / Dinner Date (LP, Digital) // Father/Daughter Records, 9/18/15 (contact Jessi Frick)
Tedo Stone, Marshes (LP, CD, Digital) // This Is American Music, 9/18/15 (contact Alyssa DeHayes)
Sally Crewe, Later Than You Think , September 22nd on 8 Track Mind  (LP, Digital) (contact Joan LeMay)
Seventeen Evergreen, Epiphanie Solaire  (LP, Digital) // Spiritual Pajamas,  09/25/15 (contact Annie Ostrowski)
Oryx & Crake, Marriage (LP, CD, Digital) // Deer Bear Wolf, 09/25/15 (contact Alyssa DeHayes)