Once For Kicks

Hailing from Seattle, WA, Once for Kicks formed in 1997. Consisting of 3 high school friends, Bill Coury, Tom Cummings, and Mike Van Buskirk, they joined up with Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows) and Chuck Keller. After a mid-2000’s break to play with other bands (Visqueen, Thee Sgt. Major III), the band synched back up in 2020 to write, record and release their 4th full-length album Learned Lessons featuring the singles and videos “Match To See” and “Space To Breathe.” On a prolific writing tear, Once For Kicks released the singles “She’s The Earth” and “Snapshot” in early 2023. The prior, as well as their next single “Good Intentions” will appear on their 5th full-length album coming Winter 2023/2024.

An under-the-radar-but-should-be-above Seattle rock outfit with an adequate supply of hooks, punch, and smarts these guys have a great ear for melodies and an instinctual feel for rock music. Their attack sometimes leans to the arty side and suggests a fondness for prog and ’90s rock yet they know when to clear away the excess and turn up the amps, and their harmonies are just the right topping for this sundae. As Mark Deming of AllMusic put it: “these guys seem to be a lot more interested in pleasing their own ears than confirming their cool status — but that’s a good part of what makes it interesting, and this shows Once for Kicks are one band who aren’t afraid to try making smart music fun. And even better, they make it work.”