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Coming off the back of her gothic shoegaze debut album Euphoric Recall released in 2021, MØAA is set to unleash her new album Jaywalker on October 13th, 2023 via WWNBB Records;  a nocturnal dream pop record featuring pulsing 909 drum machines submerged under catchy hushed vocals and glistening, reverb laden guitars. Fuzzed out bass lines from the first album have been swapped out with fat chorus and throbbing synths built for melancholic dancing.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, MØAA toured and played festivals in Europe and America to promote her debut album “Euphoric Recall” but life and touring would shut down whenever there was a COVID outbreak. During these shutdowns and periods of isolation while living in Venice, Italy, Jancy wrote the majority of the songs that make up the 10 track sophomore album. She eventually moved back to America after spending years abroad and finished writing the remaining songs, at which time the album’s concept also took shape.

“It’s an album that captures those still night moments that rest on the cusp of danger, the midnight missions when you partner up with a friend to roam the streets.
Flickering fluorescent lights at the gas stations, paraphernalia strewn about the car, moments moving slow and then suddenly changing pace… and the grime. This is where the Jaywalker thrives, in chaos, unpredictability, and in hiding.”

The title of the album is not to be taken literally but rather metaphorically. We all know a Jaywalker in our lives; the ones who play dice with death, thrilled by a game of Russian roulette.
From the outside the Jaywalker and their charades might appear vile, insane, or revolting while beneath the surface is an individual yearning for companionship but unable to reach towards it.
Homesick for the gutter, the Jaywalker is always drifting back to a distorted form of normal no matter who tries to intervene.

Aside from the title track “Jaywalker” and dream pop tracks “Chalk Lines” “All Blood is Lifeless” and “Made in the Shade”, new themes and soundscapes for MØAA are explored in “The One”, “Undercover”, and “Like Me” which offer a much more tender and fragile mood than her previous work, while the ominous and chaotic “Such a Saint” takes on a more hateful and mischievous character and expands on the use of distorted shoegaze guitars from her previous album.

There were also new methods of writing that Jancy implemented by changing up the instruments that she normally would use in songs such as the broken beat “K.O.” and the hip hop-esque ballad “Se 24th St ” where varying bass and keyboard synthesizers are featured as the primary instrument and beak making was emphasized. Although many new electronic avenues were explored, a reverb infused lead guitar is always present throughout the album as this is Jancy’s preferred instrument to write with.

As with Euphoric Recall, MØAA worked with collaborator Andrea Volpato (formerly of New Candys) who co-produced, mixed, and recorded Jaywalker at Fox Studio Seattle as well as performed the guitars, acoustic bass, and second vocals on the record. He is also the live guitarist of the project and has performed and collaborated in the studio with the project from its inception. Since 2021, MØAA has headlined tours in the United States, Europe, and the UK, performed at the official SXSW 2022 showcase, and shared the stage with artists like Yves Tumor, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Film School. MØAA is set to tour the East and West Coast in October 2023 immediately following the release of the new record and tour Europe in the spring of 2024.