Leandrul is Crosby Morgan, an American electronic artist based in Seattle, WA.

Crosby’s music style encompasses a fusion of folk and electronic genres, all played out with a lightness and weight of joy and sorrow—balanced with intention upon the scales of her mind.

Originally a folk musician and singer-songwriter, Crosby began learning how to record and produce her original music outside of studies while attending University of California Los Angeles. It was during this time that she was first exposed to Electronic Dance Music, and she soon began producing electronic music in her bedroom studio. While Crosby was diagnosed and hospitalized for severe mental health issues, she continued making music throughout this time. She eventually stopped her college studies to fully immerse herself in her music career and began busking as a means to fund her music projects and afford living. After self-releasing three folk albums, Crosby dropped her first electronic album in 2018 under her new moniker, Leandrul.

In 2018 she became associated with the multi-media artist collective, Handsmade, based in Oakland, California. She and Zack Kasten of Handsmade won favor in the Berkeley Film Festival’s music video category in 2019, where they were awarded for their work on Crosby’s “Rain” music video.

In 2019 Crosby moved to her current home city of Seattle, and began playing her electronic music live and networking with other underground electronic musicians. She is currently a part of Basement State, a sibling music collective to the older, Untitled Beat Collective. As a group of fellow musicians and friends, they stream and play shows together in the local Seattle area.

In 2021 Crosby released ‘Psychosis of Dreams’, a concept album about her mental health journey with the intention of spreading awareness and compassion for those diagnosed with mental illness. Her track “Interim” aired on KEXP’s Audioasis show in March, and her album gained critical acclaim on two year end lists of 2021 from Echoes Radio and Ghettoblaster Magazine.

Crosby releases her new EP, ‘Versions’, this May 6th of 2022. On it are alternative versions of tracks off her last release, ‘Psychosis of Dreams’—as well as songs that did not make it on ‘Psychosis of Dreams’. Crosby intends to release and screen a new music video on this day with Handsmade Collective, and Cafe Racer Capitol Hill will be hosting a Leandrul release show, spotlighting other local musicians to commemorate the event.