Fauvely is the project of Chicago-based singer-guitarist Sophie Brochu (Astrobrite, Videotape), who creates deeply personal dream-pop music. After completing her master’s in fiction writing and feeling frustrated with the constraints of her craft, Sophie turned to music for its raw and immediate release. The title of her debut EP, Watch Me Overcomplicate This, speaks to the confessional tone of songs that range from delicately self-effacing to hauntingly sad.

Fauvely’s latest release, Tides, transports listeners to the salty coast of Sophie’s hometown, Savannah, GA. Louder and bolder than her EP, these intensely brooding songs are the result of a new confidence possessed by Sophie, and the desire to come to terms with haunting memories in a place revered for its beauty. Fauvely has cultivated a strong presence in Chicago, sharing the stage with internationally acclaimed artists Stella Donnelly, Gemma Ray, Ryley Walker, Laura Veirs, and Ultimate Painting.

The band, which includes Dale Price, Scott Cortez, and Dave Piscotti is releasing their new EP This is What the Living Do on May 17th via Diversion Records.

Fauvely - Image 18 (by Rachel-Winslow)
Fauvely - Image 14 (by Rachel-Winslow)
Fauvely - Image 11 (by Rachel Winslow)
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