Dust Hunny

Dust Hunny is the solo project of Ivory Jane Snow and a side project of the alternative rock band Sungaze, which features Snow as a singer and keyboardist. Dust Hunny was created to house some of the more heavily folk-influenced songs that were initially being written for Sungaze as well as to serve as a space for Snow to lean into a more confessional style of songwriting.

Her first full length release comes in the form of a Double EP, ‘Ashes in the Medicine Cabinet / Songs for the Living’, which is due in the Spring of 2024.

‘Ashes in the Medicine Cabinet’ centers around the experience of growing up in a large family who has experienced an abundance of loss over the years.
‘Songs for the Living’ will feature Snow’s personal struggles with OCD, health anxiety and death anxiety, and the way the three can often feed into one another, as well as the personal growth and challenges that have occurred as a result of the topics explored in ‘Ashes in the Medicine Cabinet’.