DinnerTime Bus -Gianna-Zaffino
Dinner Time Portrait - Lorita Joyce
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The Record Machine

Dinner Time

The Record Machine

REMEMBER FOLKS: content is king. Your art is worthless if it doesn’t go viral. Indifference is cool – emotion is cringe. Success is for the rich kids and nepotism babies. It is the YEAR OF OUR LARD, 2024, and the indie rock scene is a corrosive shit show. A queasy race to the bottom, the battle of who cares less.

Dinner Time aims to push back on the pretentiousness and artificiality rampant in the music industry. No family members with ties to Atlantic Records, no trust funds, no friends in high places. Rough edges and earnest emotion on full display; tales from the dish-pit and the stench of stale beer. This Atlanta-based five-piece seems to believe they can create a sincere connection with their audience and reignite peoples’ love of fun, danceable music. Those poor saps will need all the help they can get…

Founded as a collaborative project that brought together songwriters from other groups, Dinner Time quickly took on a strong identity of their own following the breakout success of their single “Walden Park”. Influenced by garage rock, saccharine 60s melodies, and a DIY mentality, the group released their debut album in 2019 to an audience that was quickly growing beyond their local bubble.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the band released self-recorded singles while continuing to work on a new record. In October 2021, Dinner Time’s second studio album Halfway Down was released through the Record Machine label. Unafraid to explore new territory, the band’s sophomore effort was a departure from the familiar garage rock sounds that they were known for, featuring moody synthesizers and hints of psychedelic production. 2022 saw the band join the national touring circuit, with appearances at SXSW and Treefort Music Fest.

Once again, the band has morphed into something different; never content to stay in the same place, the quintet continues to redefine their sound on their upcoming album Technicolor, set to release May 10, 2024 via the Record Machine. The roots of their sound are still there, but now they’re firmly buried under a psychedelic haze and twisted up in jazzy undercurrents. The band’s three vocalists provide a varied palette, and the group’s strong sense of songwriting and direction glue it all together in a cohesive package. Dinner Time’s newest material wrestles with the bittersweet nature of nostalgia, the aching desire of estrangement, the glamour (and depravity) of the casino, the ecstasy of finding love, and the anxieties of living in an increasingly atavistic society careening headfirst towards climate collapse… a heady mixture, to be sure.

Pull up a chair and grab yourself a cold beverage – it’s dinner time.